5 Best Wedding Podcasts Brides Need to Listen to NOW!

5 Best Wedding Podcasts Brides Need to Listen to NOW!
Just as the modern bride has ditched the giant three-ring binder and downloaded a wedding planning app on her smartphone, she knows that there are better (and more efficient) ways to learn how to design a big day. Forget the old, traditional methods of prep and please, do not weigh yourself down by carrying a five-pound magazine to and from work—the modern bride has an unlimited amount of resources at her fingertips, and the wedding podcasts are just one of the many ways that the contemporary woman is learning how to design her nuptials. While there are dozens of event planning podcasts out there, we’ve narrowed it down to the five best wedding podcasts you should be listening to right now. From how to negotiate with vendors to finding the perfect dress to how to plan a destination celebration, these must-know shows offer invaluable information for couples. wedding planning Whether you just got engaged this weekend or are about to walk down the aisle next month, a wedding planner podcast may be just the thing you need to help make your big day go off without a hitch! There are a lot of great options out there, but the best wedding podcasts are those that focus on making planning stress-free and enjoyable. Hosted by everyone from newly engaged couples to seasoned wedding consultants and bridal experts, these are fun to listen to, full of great information, and available at your fingertips. Plug in those headphones and listen to current episodes on your smartphone during the commute to work—we promise you can leave the magazines at home.

The 5 Best Wedding Podcasts:

1. Bridechilla: Comedian and author Aleisha McCormack hosts Bridechilla twice a week, and with over 200 episodes and counting, it’s no surprise that she’s at the top of our list. Offering advice for every aspect of tying the knot, Aleisha is all about encouraging brides and grooms to create the celebration they want, regardless of what’s showing up on the Pinterest boards, what’s being heralded on all the wedding websites, and what your mother and mother-in-law have to say about what you should, and should not, do. Bridechilla consists of personal tips, debunks the myths about boring old traditions, and conducts interviews with vendors, bloggers, and authors that know a thing or two about how to successfully create and survive your nuptials. She has even hosted chats with psychologists and counselors to discuss the importance of pre-marital counseling and how to deal with the stress that engagement can put on a couple. Whether you’re looking for the best wedding podcasts or searching for relationship advice to keep your marriage strong, Bridechilla is not to be missed. Bridechilla Wedding Podcast 2. Put A Ring On It: Hosted by wedding coordinator and consultant Danielle Pasternak and photographer Daniel Moyer, Put A Ring On It offers sound advice from experts and professionals who live, eat, sleep, and breathe the wedding industry. They refer to themselves as “the anti-boring wedding podcast” and they live up to that moniker in more ways than one. Put A Ring On It incorporates behind the scenes stories and tips from true experts and pros in the business. Each episode covers a different topic, and you can learn important tips on everything from how to negotiate with vendors to how to stay sane during day-of coordination to how to incorporate new traditions into same-sex weddings. If you’ve ever wondered when and why you should feed your vendors at your reception, this show has a great mini-episode devoted entirely to that controversy! Put a Ring On It Wedding Podcast 3. To Dos Before I Do: It’s hard not to love the advice and sincerity of host Shaina Aviles Franco. With over 80 episodes and counting, Shaina tries to inspire couples by sharing genuine insight and expertise about some of the most difficult, and overlooked, aspects of planning. From tips on how to secure blocks of hotel rooms for your friends and guests to honeymoon planning to the dos and don’ts of how to have an unplugged event, To Dos Before I Do is perfect for couples trying to avoid the pitfalls of being engaged. Some of Shaina’s most-loved episodes include tips on how not to become a bridezilla, what to do and what not to do during a summer celebration, and how to effectively communicate with your bridal party. She was encouraged to start the show by her husband, and we just love that. To Do's Before I Do Wedding Podcast 4. Engaged: Hosted by Kali Edwards and her adorable fiancé Ryan, Engaged is ideal for couples who have just gotten engaged and are just starting to delve into the depths of tying the knot. Kali and Ryan chat with real couples who share their real-world experiences and interview vendors and experts who answer all of the most important questions about how to plan and prepare for the big day. Kali and Ryan, who are getting married in October 2016, cover topics such as do you really need a wedding video, how to make use of cultural traditions, and how to deal with prepping for a marriage and a pregnancy at the same time. Their obvious adoration of each other is infectious, and they’re all about figuring about how to roll with the punches. We love listening to their great advice and honest experiences! Engaged Wedding Podcast 5. Wedding Planning Podcast: Kara Lamerato takes to the air three times a week to bring us the Wedding Planning Podcast. She covers topics that range from how to choose an officiant to how to plan an amazing bridal shower to how to tip your vendors, and she does so as an expert who has helped over 2,000 brides and grooms achieve the big day of their dreams! Kara creates custom décor, so it’s no surprise that she discusses DIY trends and the popularity of Etsy. In one of her most recent episodes, Kara discusses the pros and cons of ordering a custom bridal gown through an Etsy artisan. If you’ve considered doing this, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss! Kara takes comments and listeners’ questions and answers them live on her show, allowing you to connect with her directly and have your greatest concerns addressed specifically to you. Whether you need advice on creating and sticking to a budget or want to learn how to save money on your event, this is the show you should be listening to. Wedding Planning Podcast 6. Our Honorable Mention Another great source of information is the Wedding Podcast Network, a collection of multiple nuptial-related podcasts that include advice for the groom, advice for newlywed couples, travel information for destination celebrations and honeymoons, and advice for mothers of the bride and groom. While it didn’t make our top five, we have to give it an honorable mention, simply for their variety of niche topics that cater to various audiences. Wedding Podcast Network These are the best wedding podcasts that we listen to, but there are countless others out there that can be subscribed to, downloaded, or listened to for free on your laptop, smartphone, and other mobile devices. If you know of another great options that can help out your fellow brides and newly engaged couples, please share them with us in the comments below!

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