3 Tips to Turn Used Wedding Dresses Into New Treasures

3 Tips to Turn Used Wedding Dresses Into New Treasures
Wedding gowns are expensive; there’s no denying it! You looked gorgeous on your wedding day and have beautiful photos to admire and display, but that dress will never get the attention it deserves again— or so you thought! We’ve compiled some creative ways to transform used wedding dresses into wonderful new treasures. Whether you re-wear, recycle, or preserve your dream dress, there are plenty of ways to cherish it forever. used wedding dresses

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Recycle used wedding dresses to recycle memories.

Did you wear a corset wedding dress? Turn the corset into a sexy, bridal bustier! Because you put so much effort into alterations and finding the right fit, creating a bridal bustier from your used wedding gown is perfect for flattering intimates. You could wear your new bridal bustier for future anniversaries to remember the big day (and the wedding night!). One of our favorite green wedding ideas is to turn used wedding dresses into children’s formal wear. Turning your dress into christening dresses or flower girl dresses for future little ones will combine old memories with new. Christening dresses constructed from used wedding gowns are not only stunning, but incredibly meaningful. You could even use the material from your wedding gown to create a stunning flower girl dress for a friend or family member!

How can you re-wear used wedding dresses?

Can’t we just wear our wedding gowns every day? We could, but it may not be the best option for re-wearing our dream dresses. One great idea is to set up a photo shoot with your best friends or family members after they get married, too! You could all wear your wedding gowns together and combine the beautiful styles for some stunning new photos. You could also have an intimate dinner for your wedding anniversary and wear your gown again. It would be a unique way to celebrate the day your ‘happily ever after’ began.
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Save your used wedding dresses for someone special.

Perhaps you simply want to save your wedding dress; that’s okay, too! Saving your dream dress for a loved one’s future wedding is a great way to pass on the memories. The Wedding Shoppe sells preservation kits that are guaranteed to keep you gown looking gorgeous for years to come. Check out our blog post on wedding dress preservation for more tips! Did you re-wear or recycle your wedding gown? What do you think of creating a bridal bustier or christening dresses from it? Let us know in a comment below! Subscribe to our newsletter for updates about new products and special promotions!  

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May 16, 2019 07:29

My friend used her lace wedding gown to make her daughters christening dress. It was beautiful and something that can be used generation after generation!

May 16, 2019 07:29

I love your idea of setting up a photo shoot with your best friends or family members after we all get married! That would make for a really unique and fun photo!

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