21 Reasons Your Maid of Honor is Actually Your Soulmate

21 Reasons Your Maid of Honor is Actually Your Soulmate
Your fiancé is your soulmate in so many ways. They love you, flaws and all. They listen to you and support you. They make you laugh and comfort you when you cry. But someone filled this role before you met ‘the one.’ Your fiancé may be your best friend, but if you’re like me—you have your “person.” Why yes, I am referring to the label Grey’s Anatomy coined when Meredith and Cristina proved their unbreakable friendship time and time again. Your MOH is your unofficial soulmate, whether she’s your sister, cousin, or best friend in the world. Here are 21 reasons why wedding planning wouldn’t be the same without her. bride-and-MOH-funny-faces

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21 Reasons Why Your MOH is Actually Your Soulmate

1. She approved your fiancé before anyone else.

Remember forever ago when the love of your life was just another guy you were dating? A guy you thought was “different” but needed a second opinion to know for sure? Your future MOH gave you that second opinion and told you, “He may actually be a good one.”

2. She was the first person you called when you got engaged.

Your best pal is #1 on speed dial, so minutes after he slipped that breathtaking ring on your finger, you called her screaming—and possibly crying. She freaked, you freaked, he laughed at your antics—everything was perfect.

3. She has your wedding boards memorized on Pinterest.

You repin each other’s pins constantly, so therefore she has your wedding boards down to a T. She may have even sent a few ring pins to your man so he got it right. In other words, your bestie already has your wedding planned down to the place cards. Shop Bridal Gowns Blog Button

4. She’ll tell you look beautiful when you find your dream dress.

Your maid of honor will be the first person to give you the stamp of approval when you try on your dream dress. Others may convince you to pick the ball gown or that second style you looked great in—but never you MOH. She’ll know when you know. **Looking for your dream dress or bridal party attire? Start building a wishlist you can share with your MOH >>

5. She’ll always forgive your Bridezilla moments.

You’re going to have your moments—every bride does. You’ll freak out because your flowers are out of season or your save-the-dates come back with a typo. Even if you take out these frustrations on your poor MOH, she’ll forgive you.

6. She’s seen you ugly cry—and joined in.

Some women have been blessed with the ability to cry and still look beautiful. I am not one of those women, and my best friend has seen me ugly cry time and time again. If yours is as wonderful as mine, she will not make fun of your puffy eyes, runny nose, and occasional drooling. So if the wedding stress gets to you, call your MOH and cry it out together. bride-and-moh-sitting-on-the-floor

7. She’s the exception when you promise someone you won’t tell anyone their secret.

We’ve all said it: “I won’t tell anyone—I promise.” And if you’re awesome, you won’t tell a soul—except your MOH.

8. She knows all your secrets—and she keeps them.

When you ask your bestie to keep a secret, her lips are sealed. She knows things…so many things…maybe more than your fiancé can handle.

9. She won’t complain, but she will be honest.

If you put her in a bridesmaid dress she doesn’t like, she won’t put up a fight. But if you ask her opinion, she will be honest—be prepared. Shop Bridesmaids Button

10. You have your own language.

My “person” can give me one look and I know exactly what she’s thinking. Secret languages such as these will come in handy when dealing with vendors or nitpicky family members.

11. Your fiancé might feel like the third wheel when you’re all together.

The infinite number of inside jokes on top of the secret language you share—well—your man will just have to understand.

12. “TMI” doesn’t exist with her.

Especially if you’ve lived together. You’ve seen and heard it all. Nothing you say or ask will ever surprise her, which is good since she’ll be holding up your gown when you go to the bathroom .maid-of-honor-and-father-of-bride-dancing

13. Her family is your second family.

You’ve spent countless hours with her family, maybe even vacationed with them. Their RSVP to your wedding may be just as important as your own family’s! You may even have two mother of the brides—yours and hers.

14. She’ll throw you the ultimate bachelorette party.

She’ll know if you want a crazy night on the town or a laidback sleepover with your favorite girls. She’ll also make sure you have a drink in your hand all night.

15. If you’re mad at someone, she’ll get just as mad—if not more.

If a vendor takes advantage of you or someone “forgets” to RSVP, she’ll have your back.

16. You’ve planned your future together.

You’ve swapped kids’ names, imagined decorating each other’s homes, and planned countless vacations. Although being next door neighbors would be ideal, you know distance will never affect your bond.

17. Nothing, no matter how tedious, will ever be boring with her.

Whether you’re addressing invitations, working on DIY projects, or attending the fourth bridal shower with extended family, there will never be a dull moment. She makes everything fun. MOH-buttoning-up-dress

18. Getting ready together on the big day will be one of the best memories.

Sipping mimosas and getting your hair done will be just as fun as dancing the night away.

19. She knows how to calm your nerves.

It may be a hug, it may be a shot of tequila. Whatever you need before that nerve-racking walk down the aisle, she’ll have it ready for you.

20. If you’re happy, she’s happy.

You won’t sense an ounce of jealousy as you plan your big day. She’s so happy for you, it’s simply not possible.

21. Your wedding wouldn’t be the same if she wasn’t standing beside you.

If your first soulmate wasn’t standing beside you as you married your official soulmate—well—it just wouldn’t be the same! She’s doing so much more than holding your bouquet and fluffing your train, she’s supporting you as you make the promise of a lifetime. She’s proving that she’ll be there for your now and forever. Maid-of-Honor-and-Bride

Why do you love your maid of honor?

What makes your MOH special? Why is she your wedding planning rock? Give her a shout-out in a comment below! You may also like...

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