2015 Bridesmaid Dress Trends | Must-Have Styles

2015 Bridesmaid Dress Trends | Must-Have Styles
We’ve talked wedding dresses, colors, décor, and even music—what am I forgetting? It’s time to talk 2015 bridesmaid dress trends! We can’t neglect your best pals, after all. Thankfully I have only good things to share since 2015 fashion does not disappoint. Our top lines are rolling in, and I’ve been perusing them to help you plan your bridal party style. Bill Levkoff, Alfred Sung, Allure, Kennedy Blue…I wish I could show you them all! Since that would be fashion-overkill, I’ve narrowed down the fads to the 10 you need to know. C’mon—let’s make your ladies happy.

The Top 10 2015 Bridesmaid Dress Trends:

Allure-Floral-1435 Allure-Floral-1440

1. Floral Prints

Don’t be alarmed—this look is actually very chic. Romantic, floral print bridesmaid dresses are a hot trend for spring and summer weddings. Allure has a collection of short and floor-length styles we’ve fallen for. Go bold and mix prints! If that’s too much for you, consider putting your MOH in a print and the rest of your ‘maids in neutral tones. The short styles are less bold (less fabric), so they’re another, more subtle, alternative. You may be wondering about bouquets—fair question. Go with a solid, neutral bouquet or greenery. Keep accessories to a minimum too, since these gowns are a statement by themselves. Bill-Levkoff-1110-Lace Bill-Levkoff-1109-Lace

2. Lace

Every line has embraced lace in some very unique ways! I used to see the occasional short lace gown in a collection, but now you’ll find a variety of lengths, silhouettes, necklines, and colors. They’re also surprisingly affordable! Just make sure you buy from one of our top designers so they’re quality too. Shop Lace BMS Bill-Levkoff-1114 Bill-Levkoff-1136

3. High Necklines

High necklines are all the rage this year. If you’re looking for a classy, vintage-flair, consider a bateau top. This high style can also feature an illusion design, which is a unique detail your ladies will love. If you’d like to show a little more skin, consider a halter or twist top. Mori-Lee-Multiway-Bridesmaid Mori-Lee-712-multiway

4. Multiway

Convertible bridesmaid dresses are showing up even more this season, which doesn’t surprise me. The idea of getting 10 dresses in one is awesome! Instead of figuring out how to mix and match gowns so that every ‘maid feels confident, you can just create a comfortable look for each of them. Dessy took over the industry with this look, but Mori Lee just came out with the option above! Check out that back... Bill-Levkoff-1111 Bill-Levkoff-1122

5. Keyhole Backs

Backless can be a bit much for some women, but a keyhole does the trick without losing support. Why not turn a few heads when you turn around, right? Angelina-Faccenda-20455 Angelina-Faccenda-20452

6. One-shoulder

I’m seeing lots of one-shoulders in the 2015 collections. It’s a great look for so many women, especially since it offers the support those popular strapless styles do not. Sometimes the girls need a bit of help! This is the perfect happy-medium, giving you a trendy detail and fashionable support. Alfred-Sung-D696 Alfred-Sung-D679

7. Neutrals

The Pantone Color of the Year—Marsala—proves that neutrals are back on the map. Bright colors dominated seasons past, but it’s time for a more subtle approach to bridal parties. Brides are choosing colors that almost match their own gown, which reminds guests of the bond you share with your girls. Light metallics are my personal favorite, as they add a bit of "glam" to the day. Mori-Lee-718-ruffles Mori-Lee-35016

8. Ruffles

I was surprised to see this detail on so many 2015 styles. They can be overdone, but I haven’t seen any fashion blunders yet! Whether on the neckline or the skirt, ruffles add a fun, flirty element to bridesmaid gowns. Go all out with the Mori Lee look on the left, or with a subtle flutter on the right. Alfred-Sung-D697 Alfred-Sung-D699

9. High-Low Hems

They’re back…are you surprised? Don’t worry—they’re not as dramatic as they were a few years ago. Check out Alfred Sung’s 2015 collection, and you’ll understand what I mean. They’re subtly asymmetrical, and very modern. Alfred-Sung-D691 Alfred-Sung-D693

10. Mix-and-Match

Many brides are intimidated by this bridal party trend, but there are plenty of easy ways to accomplish it. If you’re concerned with finding a group of complementary colors, consider mixing necklines instead. It’s a much easier way to get the mismatched look, and your ‘maids will appreciate choosing their own, flattering neckline.Shop 2015 BMS All BMS

Which of these 2015 bridesmaid dress trends do you love? Which should be ‘out’ next season? Let us know in a comment below!

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