20 Wedding Shower Themes We Think You'll Love

20 Wedding Shower Themes We Think You'll Love
It’s that time of year again! With peak wedding season right around the corner, bridal showers will be raining all over. Are you the MOH, MOB, or just an amazing friend planning your bride’s big party? Make it unique with one of these 20 wedding shower themes. Is your bride a classic lady with a tea party in mind? Maybe she’s a wine-lover who would like a full cellar after her shower. You could go co-ed and invite the entire wedding party, or get crafty and creative for the day. First, consider your bride. Next, read these 20 ideas for bridal shower activities. Finally, plan the perfect party your bride will adore! 20 Wedding Shower Themes

20 Wedding Shower Themes We Love:


These classic party ideas are for the traditional bride and her best female friends and family members. You’re not playing it safe, you’re planning a soiree any girl would love to attend.

1. Brunch

There’s nothing like waffles to make a wedding shower perfect. Plan a backyard brunch with mimosas, coffee, and a delicious donut bar! Can’t go wrong with this idea.

2. Pot Luck

If you’re working with a smaller budget, consider a pot luck. Have every guest bring their favorite pot luck item—recipe included. Fill your bride’s recipe box and enjoy everyone’s unique dish.

3. Tea Party

Channel the Duchess of Cambridge and throw your bride a tea party! Guests can dress to impress in their favorite hats! Kate Middleton will be proud.

4. Spa Day

Spend the day at the spa or hire a team to give your guests massages, manicures, and a lot of relaxation. These bridal shower activities are guaranteed to make the girls happy.

5. Fondue

Chocolate, cheese, and champagne! Need I say more? A fondue party will never go out of style, as far as I’m concerned.

Cutting-Edge and Crafty:

Is your bride doing whatever she can to make her big day unique? Help her out by choosing one of these modern wedding shower themes.

6. Choose a Charity

Between bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and the wedding, many couples get more than they need when it comes to gifts. If that’s the case for your bride, throw a shower on behalf of her favorite charity. Guests can bring donations instead of another set of linens.

7. Painting

You could do a wine and canvas party, or simply provide the gals with art supplies. Sit in the backyard and create more than beautiful memories together.

8. Create a Custom Fragrance

This trending bridal shower activity certainly smells good! Have a perfume party and each guest can create their own fragrance. The fragrance will double as a favor!

9. Cake Decorating

Contact your local bakeries to see if they host decorating classes. Personally, I’m obsessed with those cake competition shows on TLC and The Food Network—I know I’m not alone! How cool would it be to try out the techniques yourself (not to mention eat it when you’re all done)?

10. Jewelry Design

Purchase jewelry supplies from your local craft store so guests can create their own beaded bling. I recommend you search Pinterest for ideas (as usual). Once again, the jewelry they make can also be their favor.

Cocktails, anyone?

For some (myself included), a dry party does not a good bridal shower make. These next five wedding shower themes will make sure you consider cocktails when planning your bridal shower activities.

11. Stock the Bar

If your bride loves to entertain, help her out with a stock-the-bar shower theme. Each guest can bring a bottle of their favorite liquor or wine as a gift. She’ll thank you for this idea—I guarantee it.

12. Cocktail Creation

Hire a bartender to come to your home and teach your guests a few mixology tricks. You’ll learn new drink recipes and maybe get some inspiration for your wedding’s signature cocktail.

13. Wine and Cheese

There’s nothing better than wine and cheese, right? Bridal shower activities could include lessons on wine pairing and tasting. Your guests won’t mind the homework.

14. Tap Room

Microbreweries are all the rage right now, so why not throw your bridal shower at one? Sample beer and participate in the bottling process. Every guest would RSVP for this beer bash.

15. Black Tie Affair

Want something simple? Get dressed up and throw a cocktail party! Serve martinis and feel fabulous all night long.

Couples Shower Ideas:

The new trend for bridal shower themes is to include the groom. The following couples shower ideas include bridal shower activities every guest—guy or girl—will enjoy.

16. Patio Party

Have a BBQ and asks that guests brings gifts for the backyard. This could include grilling supplies, yard games, or a gift card to the local nursery.

17. Home Improvement

Are the bride and groom about to start some renovation projects? Throw a party that will provide them with the necessary supplies! Gift cards to Home Depot, tools, or maybe a few hours of your help.

18. Honeymoon

Depending on the couple’s honeymoon plans, you could throw them a party where the theme matches their destination. Forego gifts and create a honeymoon registry instead. Honeymoon registries are one of my favorite new tools! Guest can put money towards the hotel stay, amenities, or vacation activities.

19. Get Active

Do you have an outdoorsy couple on your hands? There are plenty of couples shower ideas for the active and engaged. Consider camping, rock climbing, or even a co-ed softball game. Roast marshmallows and hot dogs over a fire at the end of the evening. Sounds like a good time to me!

20. Book Worms

My final idea may not be as exciting as the last few, but it’s certainly unique! If your bride and groom are avid readers, help them fill their library with this wedding shower theme. Each guest can bring their favorite book as a gift! It’s affordable for everyone, and your couple’s reading list will be full for years.

Do you have any bridal shower activities to add? Share them in a comment below and let u!s know which wedding shower themes above are your favorite

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