20 Ways to Do Rustic Bridesmaid Dresses

20 Ways to Do Rustic Bridesmaid Dresses
It may be dark and cold outside, but it’s never too early to start dreaming about your warm-weather wedding! If you and your fiancé are planning to tie the knot in the spring or summer months, you may be considering an outdoor ceremony. We have the perfect rustic bridesmaid dresses to complete your wedding vision, making your big day an absolute dream. But what does “rustic” really mean? Many immediately think cowboy boots, mason jars, and burlap, but there’s so much more! This post will give you 20 ideas—a pretty good start, if I say so myself. From the styles we love to the accessories you need, you’ll be one step closer to the wedding you’ve always imagined. mint mismatched kennedy blue

20 Ways to Do Rustic Bridesmaid Dresses:

1. Earth Tones

The Pantone Color of the Year was Marsala, a perfect example of a gorgeous earth tone. Nude gowns are very on-trend, but they don’t work with every skin tone. Try darker shades of beige or brown, ivory, or “dirtier” shades of green like olive. If you want a brighter look, blush and mint can still become rustic. You just need the right accessories. Tip: The Dessy Group uses Pantone for their collections, which makes finding the top colors in 2015 fashion easy. Shop Bridesmaids Button

2. Unique Accessories

Speaking of accessories! Pearls just won’t complete this look. Try copper or antique gold pieces. Every ‘maid can wear something different, creating an eclectic combination. A variety of bangles, a statement necklace, or even a locket are fabulous choices. Don’t forget that bridesmaid jewelry serves as the perfect gift! Tip: Etsy has amazing jewelry that can be personalized for each friend. rustic mix and match bridesmaid dresses

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3. Mix and Match

Can’t decide on a single gown? Don’t! Allow your ladies to choose styles that follow a few rules set by you. I recommend giving them a color swatch, fabric options, length requirements, and a few inspiration photos. Make sure very dress is returnable since you will give final approval. Tip: Make it even easier for your friends by selecting one designer, length, and fabric. Letting them pick their own neckline is a gift in itself!

4. Fabric Combos

If you don’t want to mix-and-match dresses, why not mix fabrics? Kennedy Blue just came out with an amazing collection of lace and chiffon gowns. The look is not only unique, but fits right into this theme.

5. Create Your Own

Dessy has created a “Twist-able” bridesmaid gown, giving you the chance to literally design you own dress. Create an open back, a strapless neckline, or even cap sleeves. Allure-1435

6. Go Bold

Have you considered a print? I know, I know—it’s a lot to consider. But Allure’s spring collection features a variety of floral print bridesmaid dresses that are ideal for a summer big day. Tip: Too busy for you? Choose a print for your MOH and a complementary solid for the rest of your ladies.

7. Casual Coverage

One of my favorite accessories for rustic bridesmaid dresses is a cardigan (another great gift idea). Not only will it make for adorable group shots, but they’ll keep your friends warm as the fun wears on. If you’re leaning towards a country theme, go with jean shirts. Is your big day towards the end of summer? Try flannel!

8. Separates

I’ve perused Pinterest quite a bit, and I’ve come across a few bridal party separates that I actually like. Would you believe me if I said tulle skirts and jean shirts actually work? Lace skirts are trending for everyday-wear, so why not dress them up for the wedding? Add a leather belt to highlight their waist. Just remember that gowns aren’t the only way to go.

9. Belts

I mentioned them for separates, but why not replace that ribbon or chiffon belt for a leather one? Tip: Gift idea! Done and done.

10. Short or Long?

Summer celebrations usually call for cocktail-length. However, both will work for this theme. If you do a long style, choose a flowy fabric like chiffon.  blush rustic bridesmaids

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11. Comfort is Key

Overall, your bridal party attire should be effortless. Selecting styles that not only fit well but are comfortable will achieve this. Chiffon, lace, or jersey are great places to start.

12. Cowboy Boots

Need I say more?

13. TOMS

We all love flats—especially for weddings. Your girls will be on their feet all day for photos, mingling, and dancing the night away. A pair of TOMS—which they can wear again and again—would be the perfect fashionable footwear.

14. Fancy Feet

If you want your ‘maids to wear heels, I suggest nude pumps or wedges. They go with almost any color and silhouette, and it’s easy to find an affordable pair they can wear after the big day.

15. Flower Crowns

Boho-chic is a unique extension of the rustic theme. Flower crowns are a popular pick for brides, but your ‘maids can wear them too. They should be a simplified version of yours, so minimize the variety of flowers and foliage. lace kennedy blue and babys breath

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16. Bouquets

Speaking of flowers, there are so many ways to do rustic bouquets! My favorite arrangements have an abundance of foliage. Extra greenery creates that earthy feel this theme is all about. If you prefer flowers, consider Baby’s Breath. It’s definitely a more affordable bud.

17. DIY Wildflower Bouquet

One of my favorite DIY projects is a wildflower wedding bouquet. I made one this summer using a couple of arrangements from the farmer’s market. The whole thing cost me $25! Try it yourself >> Tip: Wrap the stems in burlap and use a vintage pin to secure it.

18. Au Natural

Makeup should be light and natural. Smokey eyes and red lips are not the way to go!

19. Lips

If you want a bold lip, try Marsala. Earth tones don’t have to be light, remember. Burgundy or nude lips are also beautiful options

20. The Right Photographer

Every photographer has a unique eye, and some of them specialize in this theme. The right lighting and photo editing will complete the rustic wedding you’ve been dreaming of. Tip: Check out our vendor locator for

What’s your definition of “rustic”?

Rustic bridesmaid dresses will make your outdoor ceremony absolutely perfect. Their understated elegance complements a low-key venue, giving you coherency that is so classy. However you incorporate this trend into your big day, it’s sure to be a success. Join the inspiration conversation! Share your ideas in a comment below.

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