16 Mature Wedding Dresses for Older Women You'll Love

Mature Wedding Dresses for Older Brides

Stunning Wedding Gowns for Older Brides

If you’re a mature bride in search of the perfect gown, it can be difficult to find something that complements your shape without sacrificing style and comfort. To get you one step closer to your dream dress, we’ve created a list of 16 wedding dresses for older brides, as well as answers to common questions you need to get started. You found your fiancé, now let’s start the journey to your dream look!

1) Mature Wedding Dress With Sleeves: Julietta by Morilee Gillian

 Mature Wedding Dress With Sleeves

Julietta by Morilee Gillian Wedding Dress

Sleeves are in-style right now, which is great news for older brides who may want some coverage for their arms. The sheer lace sleeves on this dress, flattering sweetheart neckline, and sheer back are all ways to show skin without sacrificing structure and support.

2) All-Over Lace Wedding Dress for Older Brides: Allure Bridals A1103

All-Over Lace Wedding Dress for Older Brides

Allure Bridals A1103 Sheath Wedding Dress

A sheath wedding dress silhouette is a fairly simple option that will keep you comfortable to move around on wedding day -- but there’s nothing else simple about this dress. The sheer back is covered in intricate lace appliques, the deep v is accented by sheer lace straps, and the long dramatic train features gorgeous scalloped edges.

3) Long Sleeve Mature Wedding Dress: Julietta by Morilee Emilia

Long Sleeve Mature Wedding Dress

Julietta by Morilee Emilia Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Emilia is a gorgeous wedding dress for brides over 50 because it provides a reasonable amount of modesty without sacrificing style. This dress has a modest v neckline, sheer lace sleeves, and a semi-open back.

4) Short Sleeve Wedding Dress: Rebecca Ingram Larkin Leigh

Short Sleeve Wedding Dress for Older Women

Rebecca Ingram Larkin Leigh Wedding Dress

If modesty is important to you, a short sleeve gown is a great way to feel a little more covered without being too restricted. Plus, the back of this dress has stunning covered buttons that lead to an intricate lace skirt and long dramatic train.

5) Illusion Wedding Gown for Older Brides: Maggie Sottero Kern

Illusion Wedding Gown for Older Brides

Maggie Sottero Kern Mature Wedding Dress

Illusion accents are our favorite feature in modern wedding gowns. A sheer fabric that matches your skin tone will provide support and structure while still revealing your skin underneath. This dress features an illusion back and neckline that are covered in floating lace appliques.

6) Plus Size Wedding Dress for Older Brides: Morilee Sansa

Plus Size Wedding Dress for Older Brides

Morilee Sansa (W Option) Wedding Dress

A ball gown style dress will have you feeling like a queen on your wedding day. This incredible gown is available in extended sizing and has a structured bodice that will provide plenty of support to your bust.

7) Fitted Short Sleeve Wedding Dress: Grace by Morilee Elodia

Fitted Short Sleeve Wedding Dress for Older Ladies

Grace by Morilee Elodia Wedding Dress

A fitted wedding dress is a great way to show off your curves while still feeling secure. This fit and flare gown will reinforce your shape while maintaining modesty with its reasonable neckline and covered back.

8) Casual Wedding Dress for Older Brides: Wtoo Miles

Casual Wedding Dress for Older Brides

Wtoo Miles Wedding Dress With Sleeves

This all over tulle wedding dress oozes casual elegance. Whether your wedding is in a formal church setting or on a beach, this ¾ sleeve dress is the perfect stylish and comfortable wedding dress for older brides.

9) Modern Wedding Dress for Brides Over 50: Selby Rae Diamond Ava

Modern Wedding Dress for Brides Over 50

Selby Rae Diamond Ava Wedding Dress

Just because you’re an older bride doesn’t mean you need to wear an old-fashioned wedding gown. Off the shoulder sleeves, subtle ruching, and a cowl neckline are all elegant and modern touches to this contemporary wedding gown. 

10) Illusion Neckline for Older Brides: Blu by Morilee Fabiola

Illusion Neckline for Older Brides

Blu by Morilee Fabiola Mature Wedding Dress

If you love the secure feeling of a high neckline but you don’t want to feel totally covered up on your wedding day, this illusion neck dress will give you the best of both worlds. The sheer fabric is lined with romantic lace appliques along the shoulders.

11) Tulle Bridal Gown for Older Brides: Julietta by Morilee Haley

Tulle Bridal Gown for Older Brides

Julietta by Morilee Haley Wedding Gown

You’re never too old for a ball gown (or any style of dress). If the dress of your dreams has a big dramatic skirt, then Julietta by Morilee’s Haley wedding gown fits the bill.

12) Modest Long Sleeve Wedding Dress: Grace by Morilee Eve

Modest Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Grace by Morilee Eve Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Not every bride wants a plunging neckline and open back. This modest option is the perfect wedding dress for older brides who want a conservative look on their big day.

13) Floral Detail Mature Wedding Dress: Casablanca Elena

Floral Detail Mature Wedding Dress

Casablanca Elena Lace Detail Wedding Dress

High quality stretch fabric and a sexy leg slit will help you be able to move and dance comfortably at your wedding. We’re obsessed with the floral lace appliques that cover this dress.

14) Lace Wedding Dress for Older Women: Julietta by Morilee Heidi

Lace Wedding Dress for Older Women

Julietta by Morilee Heidi Wedding Dress

Many older brides are looking for something with a little less flair. If this is the case for you, consider a simple, lace dress. Lace will make you look and feel like the bride you’ve always dreamed of being.

15) Off The Shoulder Mature Wedding Dress: Selby Rae Diamond Aria

Off The Shoulder Mature Wedding Dress

Selby Rae Diamond Aria Wedding Dress

An off the shoulder dress is sophisticated and sexy without being immodest. The draped style of the Aria wedding dress is contemporary and iconic.

16) Simple Wedding Dress for Older Brides: Julietta by Morilee Helen

Simple Wedding Dress for Older Brides

Julietta by Morilee Helen Wedding Dress

You’ll feel like a goddess draped in layers of fluffy net fabric. The texture of this dress creates visual interest that complements its curve-hugging fit-and-flare shape.

Top Wedding Dress Questions From Older Brides

At the Wedding Shoppe, we know brides come in all different shapes and sizes and people find love and get married at all ages, which is why we offer so many different sizes, colors, and customization options. Since there’s not a lot of information out there for older brides, we answered some of the most common questions from brides over 50 to help you find your dream dress.

1) What Do Brides Over 50 Wear?

You can wear anything you feel comfortable in on your wedding day. Don’t let anyone tell you there’s a specific type of outfit you need to consider because of your age. Stay true to your personal style and find ways to elevate it for your big day. Look through our huge selection of wedding dresses and plus size wedding dresses to get some ideas. If you’re more comfortable dressing down, consider trying on a wedding jumpsuit or some mother of the bride dresses in white, ivory, or any color that suits you. 

2) What Kind of Wedding Dress Should an Older Woman Wear?

Any! You can wear whatever you want on your wedding day. Just make sure you feel comfortable, confident, and celebrated. We recommend trying on dresses with illusion details so you can feel supported by the dress without sacrificing style.

3) What Color Do Older Brides Wear?

Gone are the days of brides being obligated to wear pure white or not being allowed to wear white if they aren’t a new bride. Don't worry about following traditions because all that matters is that you feel great in your wedding gown. You’re a modern, mature bride —wear what you want, even if that doesn't include any white at all!

4) What Should I Wear to My Second Wedding?

If you’ve been married before, you probably have some experience with wedding dress shopping. When you choose your dress, find one that makes you happy and fits the theme of your wedding. Some brides choose to wear a more casual dress for their second wedding, some brides choose to go more elaborate. Whatever you choose, make sure you feel different in your new dress to signify a new beginning.

5) What Color Should a Bride Wear for a Second Marriage?

Forget about the old traditions concerning the color a bride wears to her wedding. Wearing a white wedding dress is perfectly acceptable for your second wedding. If you don’t feel comfortable in pure white, try ivory or off-white. If you want to mix it up for your second wedding, consider a blush, lavender, or even black wedding dress.

6) Should I Wear a Wedding Dress to My Vow Renewal?

For a vow renewal you have the option of wearing a wedding dress or a more casual outfit. Consider if you want your vow renewal to be a big formal wedding-style event or if it’s a simple beach ceremony with close friends. There are plenty of casual wedding dresses for older brides that would work for a semi-formal or informal event. 

Check Out More of Our Favorite Wedding Dresses for Older Brides

We know shopping for a wedding dress as an older bride can seem daunting. While you may feel like an unconventional bride, the truth is that love doesn’t know about your age. There are plenty of wedding dresses for older brides even if the model in the picture looks a bit younger. Try on a few wedding dresses in different styles before you decide what you like (you may be surprised). 

As you look for your dream wedding dress, consider what kind of dress you feel most comfortable in and what suits your personal style. Whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful is exactly what you should wear on the big day! 

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May 16, 2019 07:55

I agree. These dresses are not made for older brides unless they mean maybe 30

Val H
May 16, 2019 07:55

Yes, im in total agreeance too. As a 45 year old with big bust, not so flat tummy and saggy arms, seeing these gowns modelled by these not so regular figures, makes me feel like I’d rather not buy one and set myself up for disappointment so I’ll just keep scrolling.

May 16, 2019 07:55

I totally agree. I am 70 and in really good shape from being addicted to the gym but seriously I could not wear those form fitting gowns. The models are extremely tall, young and thin and it is time models reflected most of the population of real women.

karen southwick
May 16, 2019 07:55

I totally agree. Get real!

May 16, 2019 07:55

PLEASE!!! I’m 62!, I need to see dresses for someone with breaststroke and hips and a little bit extra in the middle.

May 16, 2019 07:55

I agree also. I’m a 70 year old divorcee who is also well rounded (everywhere!) It would be a lot more helpful for the models to be older and more rounded.

May 16, 2019 07:55

I’m in same boat. I’m 62 with nice white hair with a less than perfect shape. I was very discouraged when I started trying on dresses for the above reasons. I kept at it and found my dream dress that I felt pretty in. It’s actually a bright red (for Christmas wedding) prom ball gown. There should be a line of dresses for truly mature women.

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