13 Amazing Bridesmaid Robe Options

On your wedding day, you’ll spend a good chunk of time getting ready with your bridesmaids.  There’s really no better way to prep with your favorite girls than by relaxing in the cutest bridesmaids robes! Bridesmaid robes not only make for the perfect ‘thank you’ gift from the bride, but they’re the best option to keep everyone’s gorgeous hair and makeup intact.  Plus, these adorable garments will make for playful photos that you and your girls will treasure for years to come! Instagram isn’t ready for these amazing pics!

Whether you’re looking for bridesmaid robes with names, lace trim, or ruffles, you’ve come to the right place!  (We also offer some robe advice along the way!) Or, if you're searching for bridesmaid robe alternatives, we have you covered.  Check out some of our favorite ideas below for inspiration.

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Top Bridesmaid Robes for Your Wedding Morning

When it comes to bridesmaid robes, there are so many different options!  From the pattern to the fabric, how do you choose the best bridesmaid robe?!  Well, we’re here to help you narrow down the choices. From the adorable floral print, to bridesmaid robes with lace trim, here’s a list of our favorite options!  We hope you love them!

1. Lace Bridesmaid Robes (Our Favorite!)

Lace Bridesmaid Robes

Shop Lace Bridesmaid Robes

One of our personal favorites, these lace bride robes + lace bridesmaid robes are darling options for your wedding morning. Available in standard and plus size, these bridesmaid robes will have everyone feeling flirty and beautiful pre-wedding.  These robes come in a variety of colors, including: black, blush, burgundy, and dusty blue!

2. Stunning Satin Bride Robe + Bridesmaid Robes (Top Pick!)

Satin Bridesmaid and Satin Bride Robe

Shop Satin Bridesmaid Robes

You can never go wrong with satin bridesmaid robes!  This simple, yet sweet bridesmaid robe style is oh-so-comfortable.  I mean, just take a look at that soft fabric!  These bridesmaid and bride robes come in standard and plus size, so everyone can feel great.  Check out some of the top colors in this style, like dusty rose, navy, and burgundy!

3. Floral Bridesmaid Robes (Top Pick!)

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Robes

Shop Floral Bridesmaid Robes

The cutest pattern option out there!  Plus, if you’re concerned about your robes being a bit too short, this is the perfect option for you.  These bridesmaid robes are 4 inches longer than the industry standard, so you can stay cute and covered.  No need to worry about the photographer catching you off guard, as you’ll look picture ready at all times!  Plus, these floral bridesmaid robes come in 10 different colors, and the fabric is high quality and comfortable.  Keep your girls feeling confident and stylish in this adorable style.

4. Cute Ruffled Bridesmaid Robes

Cute Ruffled Bridesmaid Robes Personalized

Shop Ruffled Bridesmaid Robes

Perhaps the cutest and flirtiest robe option to choose from!  These ruffled bridesmaid robes feature your girls’ names, making for adorable photo ops.  With four colors to choose from, you and your bridesmaids will look absolutely stunning in these robes.

5. Cotton Bridesmaid Robes with Lace Trim

Cotton Bridesmaid Robes with Lace Trim

Shop Cotton Bridesmaid Robes

If cotton is more your style, then check out this soft and sweet option.  These bridesmaid robes with lace are the absolute cutest! From child size to plus size, you can be certain that everyone in your group is covered.  Available in white, navy, blush, and gray, you’ll have some of the top colors to choose from. What’s not to love about this option?!

6. Personalized Silk Bridesmaid Robes

Silk Bridesmaid Robes Personalized

Shop Silk Bridesmaid Robes

These silk bridesmaid robes are both classy and comfortable!  Enjoy a morning getting ready with your besties while relaxing in these adorable outfits.  We love that these bridesmaid robes are offered in a variety of different colors, like our favorites burgundy and navy!  Also, these are available in plus size, too.

7. Just for the Bride Robe

Bride Robe Personalized White

Shop Bride Robe

Sometimes, it’s not necessary for everyone in the bridal party to wear a robe.  Or maybe, you just want to make sure the bride has an extra-special robe option!  Either way, here is a robe made especially for the bride-to-be as she gets ready for her big day!  We know that she’ll absolutely love it!

8. Lace Bridesmaid Robe Bundle

Bridesmaid Robe Bundle

Shop Lace Bridesmaid Robe Bundle

When looking to purchase your bridesmaid robes in a set, this is an amazing option!  These classy bridesmaid robes come in a variety of popular colors, such as blush, burgundy, and champagne.  The unique lace trim adds an adorable touch that looks great in photos! Available in sizes as small as your flower girl and up to xxxl, everyone is able to rock this style.

9. Classic & Cute Bridesmaid Robe Bundle

Classic and Cute Bridesmaid Robe Bundle

Shop Classic Bridesmaid Robes

Another great option if you're looking to buy a set of bridesmaid robes!  This chic style will complement everyone who wears it - your girls are going to be obsessed!  Pair it with a glass of wine, and you'll have the cutest pics on Instagram.

Bridesmaid Robe Alternatives

Maybe bridesmaid robes aren’t your thing, and that’s perfectly OK!  If you’re still on the hunt to find a different way to match pre-ceremony, we have some ideas for you.  From to bridesmaid rompers to personalized sweatpants, here are some of our favorite bridesmaid robe alternatives!

1. Long Button Down Bridesmaid Shirts

Long Button Down Bridesmaid Shirts

Shop Bridesmaid Shirts

A similar look to the robes, but secured with buttons!  These super soft, modal cotton bridesmaid shirts will leave your bridal party feeling so comfortable.  Plus, these adorable shirts can also be personalized by adding an initial to the front pocket. Just picture how cute you and your girls will look!

2. Bridesmaid Silk Pajama Short Set

Bridesmaid Shortie PJ Set Silk

Shop Silk Bridesmaid Pajamas

Are you searching for a robe alternative that allows for more movement? No need to worry about a slippery robe when you’re dancing around in these adorable bridesmaid pajamas!  This set is perfect for warm-weather weddings, as the silk fabric keeps you cool all morning long! As a bonus, these fun pajamas are available in several beautiful colors! Whether you're looking for dusty blue, blush, or navy, you can find your perfect shade.

3. Bridesmaid Pajama Pants Set

Bridesmaid Pajama Set Long Sleeve

Shop Bridesmaid Pajama Set

Winter weddings, rejoice!  Just because you have cooler weather, doesn’t mean you can’t rock some cute pajamas.  Here is an option for long sleeve shirts and pants in matching PJ form! And the best part is that these can also be personalized.  So adorable!

4. Bridesmaid Joggers

Bridesmaid Jogger Sweatpants

Shop Bridesmaid Sweatpants

If you want to keep your wedding prep extra cozy, go for these bridesmaid joggers!  Your bridal party will feel super relaxed in these undeniably comfortable pants. To complete the look, consider pairing them with a button down shirt or flannel! This bridesmaid robe alternative is the perfect option for fall and winter weddings!

5. Tropical Bridesmaid Romper

Bridesmaid Romper Tropical

Shop Bridesmaid Rompers

Keep it fun and flirty with these bridesmaid rompers!  You and your girlfriends will feel adorable as you get ready wearing these matching outfits.  This pattern is especially cute for summer or destination weddings. Plus, these will be adorable PJs for your girls to wear even after the wedding festivities are over!

6. Floral Bridesmaid Jumpers

Bridesmaid Jumper Pajamas

Shop Floral Bridesmaid Jumpers

A unique way to match with your bridal party as you get ready for the big day!  The bridesmaid jumpers are so cute and comfortable, complete with an adorable floral pattern.  The best part is, these jumpers won't mess up your hair and makeup when changing out of them!  We absolutely adore this bridesmaid robe alternative.

Bridesmaid Robes Tips and Tricks

If you’ve decided to get bridesmaid robes or an alternative for your girls, congrats!  They are going to love them!  Now, here’s some advice regarding the special gift.  Whether you’re wondering how to wrap a bridesmaid robe, or what color to choose, we have the answers to your questions!

1. Who Should Buy the Bridesmaid Robes (or Alternatives)?

99% of the time, the bride will be the one deciding whether or not she wants to incorporate robes into her wedding day.  Bridesmaid robes are a fun ‘extra’ that the bride-to-be can purchase for her bridesmaids if she so chooses. Almost always, the robes act as a ‘thank you’ gift from the bride to her girls for being in the wedding!  Because of that, bridesmaids should not be expected to buy their own bridesmaids robes, unless it’s a unanimous decision among everyone.

If the bride does decide to gift bridesmaid robes as a thank you, here's an adorable, and customizable, card to include with the gift.  Your bridesmaids will absolutely love the thoughtfulness!  Plus, this card is fitting since it features bridesmaids in their new robes!

Bridesmaid Robes Thank You Cards

Shop Bridesmaid Thank You Cards

2. When to Give Your Bridesmaids their Robes (or Alternatives)

When it comes to gifting the bridesmaid robes, when is the best time to do so?  While there is no right or wrong time to give this amazing gift, we have some ideas for you!  Some brides choose to plan bridesmaid proposals for their future bridal parties. If that sounds like something you’d want to do, it would be a fun idea to incorporate the robe in with a little gift box!  Or, if you’re looking to surprise your girls closer to the big day, you could give them the gift at the rehearsal dinner. The actual wedding day is an option, too! This works best if you have forgetful friends, as they can’t leave their robes at home!

Bridesmaid Proposal Box with Robe

Shop Bridesmaid Gift Box

3. How to Fold Bridesmaid Robes

So, you’ve bought the cutest bridesmaid robes, and you can’t wait to give them to your girls!  Now, you’re probably wondering what the best way to present the robes to your bridal party might be!  Since they are typically wrinkle-prone, it’s important to wrap the bridesmaid robes in a certain way.

The simplest way to achieve an adorable presentation is by not folding, but rolling your bridesmaid robes.  To do so, lay the robe on a flat surface with the front side facing up. Fold in the arms and sides so that the bridesmaid robe resembles a rectangular shape.  Then, roll tightly from the bottom up. To finish, wrap the belt around the rolled robe and tie it into a bow. This method is especially helpful when wrapping silk bridesmaid robes!

Or, if rolling the bridesmaid robes isn’t your style, there’s another option!  Consider hanging the robes on these adorable customized hangers. Not only will your girls love this idea, but it will eliminate the need to iron out any last-minute wrinkles!  Plus, the hangers will act as an amazing keepsake for your bridal party.

Personalized Bridesmaid Robe Hangers

Shop Bridesmaid Dress Hangers

4. What Should You Wear Under Bridesmaid Robes?

Everyone talks about how cute the robes are going to look, but many forget to plan what to wear under it!  Let’s face it, bridesmaid robes can sometimes be a bit tricky when it comes to making sure everything is covered.  So, it’s a good idea to discuss beforehand what options to consider for undergarments. 

In order for you and your girls to feel secure and confident, without compromising your cute look, here’s an option for you!  Wear loose shorts, either athletic or pajama, with a cami tank top. (Just make sure the shorts stop at a length shorter than the robe.)  When choosing the top, it's important that your girls pick one that can be removed without ruining hair and makeup!

You could also stick to a bra and spanx below your robe if you feel comfortable.  The garments that you plan to wear under your bridesmaid dress work perfectly! If you stick to a bra and underwear, bring safety pins in case the robes decide to start slipping.

Tip: Suggest having your bridesmaids pack these essentials in their bags, especially if you are surprising them with the robes.  Or, you could provide shorts for underneath the robes! Here are some cute and comfy bachelorette shorts that would be a great option!

Bridesmaid Shorts for Under Bridesmaid Robe

Shop Bridesmaid Shorts

Chat With Us!

From looking for bridesmaid robes, to considerations for alternative outfits, we hope that you found the perfect option!

Now, we’d love to hear from you!  Are you planning on having your bridesmaids wear robes or alternatives at your upcoming wedding?  Or have you been in a wedding where you’ve worn either? Comment below and let us know some of your favorite ideas!

13 Best Bridesmaid Robe Options

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Maddie Mechelke
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Maddie Mechelke
September 22, 2020 10:44

Love all of these options!! Thinking lace trim for my girls!!

Maddie Mechelke
September 22, 2020 10:44

Love all of these options!! Thinking lace trim for my girls!!

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bridesmaids 😍

June 04, 2020 11:19

I love the personalized robes and the adorable pajama sets !

Paytan Hornung
June 04, 2020 11:19

Getting my girls a cotton lace robe for the big day!

Reatha Sanders
June 04, 2020 11:19

Love these robes!!

June 04, 2020 11:21

I love the PJ idea!!

May 28, 2020 09:45

The romper idea is adorable!

May 27, 2020 09:19


May 27, 2020 09:19

Just bought the floral robes for my girls; so excited!! I might have to look for some cute shorts to go underneath

May 27, 2020 09:19

I like the idea of joggers! I’m thinking about grabbing a couple pairs for the mothers, so they can wear them multiple times!

May 27, 2020 09:19

Cute robes, great tips !

Natasha molinere
May 27, 2020 09:19

These ideas are amazing

May 21, 2020 16:21

Wow, love this! Been shopping around for a while, it’s nice to have everything here and linked!

Skye Nix
May 21, 2020 16:21

I absolutely love the pj set! Can’t wait to get robes for my bridal party!

khrystal prince
May 20, 2020 21:55

The best!

May 20, 2020 21:55

I love the floral robes!! They are my favorite! Other robes are a great idea, too!!

April 20, 2020 16:28

Love it!

Brianna M.
April 20, 2020 16:28

Cool ideas but they seem expensive….

April 20, 2020 16:29

I can’t decide between the ruffled and lace robes! love these!!

Jenna Evans
April 20, 2020 16:29

I love the Cheers2YouBridal cotton robes that come in a charcoal grey! While silver is my accent color, I think the grey would be a great versatile color that my bridesmaids could use getting ready anywhere! I also like the fact it’s cotton vs silk because if you spill something on silk, it seems to show way more easily! I love the lace trim detailing on those robes too!!!! Their price is amazing also 🙃😜

April 07, 2020 17:09

I love the Rompers with Pockets or the PJ sets!

April 03, 2020 13:57

I love the ruffle robe and the romper! 😍😍

Alisha Dan
April 03, 2020 13:57

I love the ruffle robes!! I also had no idea how to fold them, so that’s handy too!

Kelsey Lucas
April 03, 2020 13:57

I got robes for my side of the party, but have been trying to figure out ideas for the moms (since they don’t want robes). Love the alternatives! I also think the tip about safety pins to keep the robes closed is SO helpful.

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