12 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Attendant

12 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Attendant

There are a million reasons why you should have a personal attendant at your wedding! Having a personal bridal attendant makes you more prepared and stress free. The name “personal attendant” makes some brides feel like they’re being a bit demanding, but the role will help keep everyone at the wedding sane. Let’s rename the position to define it more accurately: supporter, helper, assistant, right-hand person, friend, associate, accomplice… you get the idea.

Personal Attendant and Bride

Selby Rae 28019 Wedding Dress with Added Sleeves | Jacqueline KayLeigh Photography

What Does A Personal Attendant Do?

Your personal attendant at your wedding is meant to help keep everyone on schedule, organized, and sane. They are basically your assistant for the day because there is no way for a bride to take care of everything at her own wedding. 

This person will be a personal messenger, shoulder to cry on, extra hand, emotional buffer, and more. Of course, you have your family and your bridesmaids around you, but you’ll need a designated assistant for when the rest of your bridal party is performing their other duties.

12 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Attendant

A personal attendant is a dear friend or family member who is trustworthy, honest, and pays close attention to detail. This job is the perfect way to include another bestie or two if you’ve reached your cap on bridesmaids. Look at it this way, she’s just as important as a bridesmaid. The only difference? She gets to pick her own dress!

A lot of brides aren’t sure if they want to or should include the position on their big day, but we’re here to give you a few reasons why you totally should!

1. Having a Personal Attendant = An Additional Friend/Family Member Included

The duties of your personal attendant include therapist, beautician, and party planner—all in one. This responsibility clearly belongs to someone you’re close with; how great will it be to have another loved one involved in a special way on your special day?

Our tip: They’re by your side the entire day. Sure they’ll make it into candid shots, but don’t forget to include them in some of the posed pictures too. It’ll be a fun keepsake for both of you to have.

Wedding Personal Attendant

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2. A Bridal Attendant Helps Keep You On Schedule

She’ll make sure you have nothing to stress about. She’s there to take care of last-minute errands that need running. She’ll figure out a secure place to put your gifts. She’s got the transportation of dresses covered. Any other concerns you have? Forget them. Your personal helper is cued up to take care of them all.

Our tip: If you’re concerned about a thousand little things, make a checklist for your assistant. That way you don’t have to worry about a thing yourself, or about her skipping a beat.

3. Your Personal Attendant Doubles As Personal Messenger

Forget about the details, your personal attendant has your back covered. She’ll be the one coordinating your moves with your fiancé’s to be sure you don’t ruin your “first look” or any other special moments. She’ll be your number one communicator on your big day, whether it’s a quick message to your man or figuring out details with your venue.

Wedding First Look

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4. In Case of Emergency: Call Your Bridal Attendant

She has all of your emergency needs on hand, including: hairspray, lipstick, bobby pins, Kleenex, snacks, Advil, and more. She can be the keeper of your wedding emergency kit and the person you and your bridesmaids go to when something small goes wrong.

Our tip: Little champagne shooters! So… maybe it’s not as essential as the other emergency kit supplies, but who doesn’t love starting a celebration with best friends and a heart-warming toast?

5. You’ll Need A Personal Wedding Buffer

Your wedding accomplice can be the perfect buffer for situations you just don’t want to deal with. She’s going to be there to keep you stress-free. When you get stuck in a long awkward conversation with a distant relative, she can come save you with an excuse. If you need a moment alone, she will act as a temporary security guard and keep her eye on the door.

6. Your Bridal Attendant Will Be Your Voice of Reason

She’ll be honest if you’ve got food in your teeth. She’ll get you a drink if she sees you losing your patience. She’ll get you water when you’ve had too many drinks. She’ll discreetly nudge you when you start to tell a story that you don’t want your grandma to hear.

7. When You Get Emotional, Your Wedding Attendant Will Be There

Weddings can bring out all sorts of emotions. No fear! Your supporter will be there to dab those tears. Your attendant is going to have your emergency kit on hand, so when your emotions take over, she will be there with a tissue and a hand to hold.

8. A Personal Attendant Will Maintain Your Hair And Makeup

Speaking of taking care of the tears, your friend will be there for all makeup touches. Need a little more color on your lips or a touch of blush? She’s got you covered. You’ll hardly need to look in the mirror because your beautiful beautician will be sure to have you looking your best at all times.

Bridal Attendant

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9. You Won’t Need A Wedding Planner

Don’t have the budget for an event coordinator? Your attendant will be there to manage the day’s details. Your maid of honor is there to lead the bridesmaids and the best man to lead the groomsmen, but your attendant will make sure everyone is on the same page. She’ll also be the contact between you and the staff onsite. She’ll make sure the catering schedule is on time, the DJ is on point, and that everything else goes off without a blink.

10. Someone Has to Hold Your Wedding Dress in the Bathroom

Have no fear when it comes to your wedding dress. Be sure you’re comfortable with your right-hand person, because they’re going to be your go-to for help—whether that be in the bathroom, the limo, in pictures, or even before you take those first steps down the aisle. She’s going to make sure your dress is fluffed fully, lies perfectly, and is bustled correctly.

Our tip: Have her come to the final dress fitting to get the complete rundown on the gown. Make sure she practices bustling, too!

11. A Personal Attendant Will Watch Setup and Take Down

She’ll be there for the whole production. She’ll be your eyes to make sure everything looks great before the guests arrive, and she’ll save your sanity by taking care of everything when the night is over.

Our tip: Make sure your pal is familiar with your theme. That will make her job easier when it comes to setup, because she’ll know just what look you’re going for.

12. Your Personal Attendant Will Keep You Sane

This gal will be there to give you a giant hug and maybe even a little nudge down the aisle. She’s going to calm all of your nerves, be honest, and keep your head on your shoulders and your eyes on the prize: marrying the man you love! This reason alone should be enough to convince you that this position is a must-have wedding role!

Bridesmaids in Robes

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Personal Attendant Proposal Ideas

Are you planning on sending out bridesmaid proposals? If you are, you should also send a proposal to your personal attendant! Bridesmaids proposals are usually a card with a small gift asking your friends if they agree to be your bridesmaids. Your personal assistant will be taking on a lot of responsibility on your big day, so make sure you ask them nicely if they will take on this special role!

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1) Make Them Laugh With A Funny Personal Attendant Proposal Card

The simplest way to ask your personal attendant for her help is a cute and funny card! Let’s be real, one of the most important things you need help for at your wedding is going to the bathroom! So ask your personal assistant to hold your dress with this card from Etsy.

Personal Attendant Proposal Card

Personal Attendant Proposal Card From Etsy

2) “Wine Not” Treat Your Personal Wedding Attendant to a Bottle?

Buy your personal attendant a nice bottle of wine to relax and unwind with. She deserves a glass of wine after a long day of holding your dress, fixing your jewelry, and just being an all-around amazing friend. These wine bottle labels stick on the bottle of wine of your choice to help you ask your friend to be your personal attendant!

Personal Attendant Proposal Sticker

Personal Attendant Proposal Wine Bottle Label Sticker

3) Everyone Loves A Scented Candle Personal Attendant Proposal

A candle is always a go-to gift for a reason. It smells nice, it will help her relax, and you can buy one with a cute note on the front. We love this custom gift box from Etsy that comes with a bridal attendant proposal candle and a chapstick!

Personal Attendant Proposal Candle

Personal Attendant Proposal Candle

Personal Attendant Dresses: Coordinate with the Bridesmaids!

Choosing a dress for your bridal attendant will help them feel special in their particular role for your wedding. Coordinate your personal attendant dress with your bridesmaid dresses so that they will look like a part of the wedding party. 

Be sure to pick a dress that looks good with the bridal party but is different enough to stand out so that guests can identify your assistant if they need her. The easiest way to do this is to choose a dress in a slightly different style, color, length, or fabric from your bridesmaids. 

If you choose a bridesmaid dress in the same brand as your bridal party for your personal attendant you will be able to coordinate the colors and fabrics easier. Below are a few of our favorite Kennedy Blue bridesmaids dresses that can double as a bridal assistant dress!

1) Simple & Elegant Satin Bridal Attendant Dress

We love the Kennedy Blue “Quin” because it is just so elegant and classic. Your wedding attendant will love feeling like a million bucks in this full-length satin dress. It’s formal enough for the wedding and still light-weight and simple enough for her to fulfill all her duties as your assistant.

Bridal Attendant Dress PinkKennedy Blue “Quin” Bridesmaid Dress

2) The Perfect Below the Knee Personal Attendant Dress

Your personal attendant will love the idea of a cocktail length dress. Since it’s not a full length gown, the Kennedy Blue “Freya” is easier to move around in. Your bridal attendant will also stand out among your bridal party if they are in standard floor length dresses. The one shoulder and ruffle details will also help her stand out in the crowd. 

Green Bridal Attendant DressKennedy Blue “Freya” Bridesmaid Dress

3) Fun Ruffled Wedding Attendant Dress

The high slit and long ruffles down the front of this dress will look stunning on your bridal attendant. She’ll be happy to have the slit if she needs to crouch down to help you lift your dress or fix your shoes! This flowy dress is comfy, practical, and still very formal.

Bridal Attendant Dress With RufflesKennedy Blue “Macy” Bridesmaid Dress

Consider Choosing a Personal Attendant for Your Wedding

There are so many awesome reasons to have a personal attendant on your big day. How calming to have someone managing the details for you? How reassuring that you’ve got someone making sure you look your absolute best at all times? And most importantly, how fun to have someone you love with you through all the joy that the day has to bring?

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