Top 15 Bridal Headpieces for Your Wedding

Top 15 Bridal Headpieces for Your Wedding

You got your dress, you got your shoes, now what are you going to do with your hair? Whether you’re wearing a veil or not, you may want to add some hair accessories to your look. There are so many headpiece options to choose from, including wedding hair pins, beaded bridal headbands, and ornate hair combs. We compiled a list of our top 15 favorite bridal hairpiece options to help you narrow down your search!

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Best Bridal Hair Accessories to Wear on Your Wedding Day

Choosing a hair accessory can be tricky business, but only because there are a ton of options out there! From headbands to hair combs, you really need to consider what type of accessory you want to use before you buy something.

The biggest things to keep in mind when choosing a hair accessory are:

  • Is your hair going to be up, down, or half-up, half-down?
  • Does your accessory need to keep your hair in place or just look pretty?
  • What type of headpiece is the most comfortable for you?
  • What does your hair stylist recommend?
  • Will your accessory need to hold your veil in place?
  • What style will match your wedding aesthetic and dress?

Below is our guide to each style of headpiece along with some of our favorite options for each. Keep in mind the answers you gave to the questions above as you check out some of these beautiful wedding hair accessories.

Elegant Bridal Headbands

Headbands have to be one of the easiest options for wedding hair. Most of these fit right on top of your hair-do. They can work for updos but are especially helpful for holding back your hair if you’re wearing it down. 

1) Gold Handmade Crystal Wedding Hair Vine Headband

This hand-crafted pearl and crystal wedding headband is flexible and will fit any hair type. It’s made so that it won’t get tangled in your hair too easily. It’s also available in two different finishes: gold or silver.

Gold Handmade Crystal Wedding Hair Vine Headband

Gold Handmade Crystal Wedding Hair Vine Headband

2) Pearl Wedding Headband

This chunky statement headband is covered with pearls and glass stones. We love the classic comfortable style of this headband but the pearl and crystal details add elegance and sophistication.

Pearl Wedding Headband

Pearl Wedding Headband

3) Porcelain White Floral Bridal Headband

This hand-made porcelain flower headband is so dainty, elegant, and unique. Since it’s a traditional headband style, it’s easy to take on and off your head. This headband might just be the perfect addition to your wedding hair!

Porcelain White Floral Bridal Headband

Porcelain White Floral Boho Bridal Headband

Beautiful Bridal Headpieces and Hair Vines

These bridal headpieces can all be added on top of any hairstyle. We especially love these for buns, braids, and up-dos. Most of these are in the style of a vine to add a whimsical look to your hair.

4) Gold Leaf Wedding Hair Vine Headpiece

This wedding headpiece can be worn at the front, back, or side of your hair. It can be worn as a headband or shaped to suit any hairstyle. These are handcrafted of delicate metal winding and crystal accents. You can match this bridal hair vine with a veil or instead of a veil.

Gold Leaf Wedding Hair Vine Headpiece

Gold Leaf Wedding Hair Vine Headpiece

5) Bridal Floral Crystal Hairpiece

Flowers, pearls and crystals make this an eye-catching bridal hairpiece. It’s easily attached to the hair with included hairpins. This option is especially beautiful for a nighttime wedding because all of the crystals sparkle beautifully in the evening light.

Bridal Floral Crystal Hairpiece

6) Wedding Hair Vine Headpiece

This delicate headpiece is made up of flowers, crystals and rhinestones. It’s soft and flexible so that it can be shaped to suit any hairstyle. You can wear it in the front as a headband or in the back as an accent headpiece.

Wedding Hair Vine Headpiece

Wedding Hair Vine Headpiece

Bridal Flower Crowns & Floral Wedding Tiaras

If your wedding has more of a boho, rustic, or garden aesthetic, a flower crown is a beautiful option for your bridal hair. These crowns can be made from so many different materials depending on your budget and schedule, including: real flowers, artificial flowers, crystal flowers, or dried flowers. 

7) Real Dried Eucalyptus Baby's Breath Bridal Flower Crown

This bridal flower crown is made from real dried eucalyptus, baby's breath, and gypsophila flowers. This beautiful crown is perfect for outdoor and rustic weddings! We love the organic element of real flowers and leaves in your wedding hair.

Real Dried Eucalyptus Baby's Breath Bridal Flower Crown

Dried Eucalyptus Baby's Breath Bridal Flower Crown

8) Rose Quartz Flower Crown Bridal Tiara

This bridal tiara includes real rose quartz crystals! Rose Quartz carries a feminine energy that encourages compassion, peace, tenderness, and healing. The rose quartz stones are accented by rose gold floral details made from gold plated wiring.

Rose Quartz Flower Crown Bridal Tiara

Rose Quartz Flower Crown Bridal Tiara

9) Whimsical Forest Herbs Bridal Flower Crown

This boho wedding flower crown is made from real dried gypsophila flowers and accented by artificial green forest herbs. We love the whimsical look of this classic flower crown!

Whimsical Forest Herbs Bridal Flower Crown

Whimsical Forest Herbs Bridal Flower Crown

Multi-purpose Wedding Hair Clips

Hair clips are versatile and practical! These clips can fit into any part of your hairstyle. They can also help hold your hair in place. 

10) Pearl & Floral Bridal Clip

This pearl and crystal hair clip is delicate, feminine & floral. This bridal hair clip has it all: blossoming flowers, delicate pearls & shimmering crystals. It’s hand-crafted with an alligator clip wired into the back of the design for easy attachment. It comes in silver, gold, or rose gold.

Pearl & Floral Bridal Clip

Pearl & Floral Bridal Clip

11) Pearl and Cubic Zirconia Gold Barrette

This wedding barrette features sparkling marquise and round cubic zirconia stones with accents of off-white glass pearls set in yellow gold. This piece is perfect as a side or back clip accessory.

Pearl and Cubic Zirconia Gold Barrette

Pearl Gold Barrette

12) Set of 18 Pearl Bridal Hair Pins

These pearl bridal hair pins are easy to attach, simple, and classically elegant. Order them  in assorted sizes for a mix-and-match option or a single size for a more simplified look. You can’t go wrong with classic pearls on your wedding day!

Set of 18 Pearl Bridal Hair Pins

Pearl Bridal Hair Pins

Additional Wedding Hair Accessories to Consider

There are so many different types of bridal hair accessories to consider for your wedding. Here are a few more ideas to look into. 

13) Bridal Hair Combs

Bridal hair combs are a classic option for your wedding hair. These come in so many different varieties and styles but are easy to attach to your hair. These are especially useful for accenting a low bun.

Bridal Hair Comb

Eucalyptus Baby’s Breath and Pearl Bridal Comb

14) Bridal Hair Pins

We listed some pearl hairpins earlier but it’s worth mentioning that bridal hair pins come in many different styles, colors, and sizes. We love them because they can attach to any hair style to add an extra little detail here and there. Hair pins are probably the most easy and versatile hair accessory on this list!

Bridal Hair Pin

Pearl Bridal Wedding Hair Pins

Choose Your Perfect Bridal Hair Accessory

Your perfect bridal hair accessory depends entirely on your own taste, comfort, and aesthetic. We hope our list helped you narrow down your options to show to your hairstylist! Whether you weave real flowers into your hair, add some simple pearl pins, or wear a hair vine attached to your veil, the perfect wedding hair accessory for you is out there!

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