10 Secrets to Shopping for Bridal Lingerie

10 Secrets to Shopping for Bridal Lingerie
Bridal showers are right around the corner, not to mention those often unpredictable bachelorette parties. Are you thinking about bringing wedding night wear for a gift? You’re certainly not alone. You’re also not the only guest who may find this shopping trip, well, intimidating. Buying bridal lingerie for yourself can be awkward, so it’s not surprising that buying it for the bride may prove difficult. Luckily, I’ve come up with ten secrets to shopping for wedding lingerie. Whether you’re the MOH, MOG, or even the groom, these tips will prove useful as you find sexy styles for the bride-to-be.
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10 Tips for Shopping Wedding Lingerie:

1. Consider her style.

Most bridal lingerie can blend together; plenty of white lace with silhouettes that are sexy, yet elegant. To find her personal style, you need to find the right designers. Consider collections from Eberjay and Oh La La Cheri lingerie. Their variety guarantees you’ll find a look that fits her style.

2. Comfort is key.

By the time she reaches her wedding night, the bride will have spent hours in heels and a heavy wedding dress-- a corset may not be the first thing she wants to put on. I suggest you start with Eberjey lingerie. This line of lingerie is comfy and sexy, the perfect combo for a wedding night.

3. What’s her definition of “sexy”?

Everyone has a different definition of “sexy.” For some, it’s plenty of lace and lots of ribbons. For others, it’s flannel pajamas. Keep her definition in mind when shopping for wedding night wear.

4. Avoid double-gifting: Shop unique lingerie.

Victoria’s Secret is the first place that comes to mind when looking for lingerie. But you will also run into the risk of bringing the same gift as someone else! We carry an extensive selection of wedding night wear that’s affordable and unique.
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5. Flatter her figure.

Keep her style in mind, but don’t forget to flatter her figure. Think about what she wears day to day. If she loves to wear loose-fitting clothes when she’s out, I don’t think she'll want to put on a skin-tight style when the wedding night arrives.

6. Always go smaller.

Not 100% sure of her size? Go smaller. There is nothing worse than buying bridal lingerie three sizes too big for your friend. You’ll be forgiven for thinking she’s thinner than she is, but bigger? This is one awkward moment you can avoid.

7. Keep color in mind.

Most wedding lingerie is white, but if you choose to stray from the norm, match her hair color. Blondes look great in pastels or black, brunettes in blues and reds, and redheads look stunning in greens and other earthy tones.

8. Consider her skin tone, too.

I’d start with her hair color, but skin tone should be considered as well. If she has pretty porcelain skin, black or pastels would be very flattering. Does she have dark skin or plans to tan before the big day? Bold colors or white would look lovely.

9. Get a gift receipt.

You may pick out the prettiest lingerie in the store, but don’t be offended if she decides to return it. Lingerie is a very personal purchase, so get a gift receipt no matter what.

10. A wedding night needs more than lingerie.

You don’t have to bring bridal lingerie as a gift. Consider scented candles, flowers, bath salts, or chocolate! She’ll be getting plenty of style options from everyone else, so don’t worry about being different.

You have your 10 secrets, so start shopping!

Hopefully these 10 tips will settle some of those shopping nerves. Remember, this is all supposed to be fun! Follow my tips, get a gift receipt, and laugh along as she opens up her new wedding night wear.

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May 16, 2019 07:45

Great advice here. I will be sure to folow some of this when shopping for bridal lingerie for my bff’s wedding.

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