10 Essentials for Your Week-of-Wedding Checklist

10 Essentials for Your Week-of-Wedding Checklist
The day you’ve been dreaming of is just around the corner! There are so many last-minute details that need to be taken care of, but where should you start? First, breathe! You’re going to get it all done, just like all the beautiful brides before you. Close your eyes, download our Week-of-Wedding Checklist, and enjoy the last few planning details! You are so close to the day you been dreaming of; we’ll help you the rest of the way.

Your Week-of-Wedding Checklist:


1. Make it legal.

  • In most states, it’s recommended that you apply for your license early. However, check with your local bureau to see what they suggest. You don’t want to be waiting forever or have an expired license the week before the big day

2. Check in with vendors.

  • Meet with, Skype, or call all of your vendors to confirm arrival and departure times, the day’s timeline, and payment due dates.
  • Call your driver to confirm pick-up and drop-off times. Make sure they have a list of all riders.
  • Assign someone you trust to distribute payments and tips. Give each vendor this person’s contact information.
  • Send necessary vendors the finalized guest list.
  • Do you have a shot list for your photographer? Maybe a list of songs you need to dance to for your DJ? Send them in advance!
  • Assign certain friends and family to cleanup duties—something many couples forget to do! Ask the venue what needs to be done at the end of the night and select guests you can count on.

3. Create your wedding day timeline.

  • Do not avoid this detail! Lay out your day from start to finish—every single detail with extra time allotted if necessary. Don’t skimp on hair and makeup time!
  • Give the timeline to your MOH and/or personal attendant. You will be way too busy to keep everyone else on schedule!

4. Final fittings and pick-ups.

  • It’s time to pick up your dream dress! You should also have a final fitting when you arrive. Bring along your undergarments, accessories, and shoes to get the final look.
  • When you bring your bridal gown home, let it air out and refrain from cooking anything odd. You don’t want your dress smelling of fried fish or smoked meat!
  • Make sure your MOH practices bustling your gown. It can be a bit tricky.
  • Practice dancing and walking in your bridal shoes—wear those babies in.
  • Tell your bridesmaids to do a final try-on with shoes and accessories in case they need any last-minute fixes.
  • Don’t forget the guys! Tuxes or suits should be picked up and tried on. Make sure the shoes fit, socks are ready, and every item is there.

5. Confirm all beauty appointments.

  • Call your hairstylist and makeup artist to make sure you’re on their schedules. Check that they have every ‘maid, mom, etc. accounted for.
  • Grooms and groomsmen, get a haircut! Do this as close to the big day as possible and choose a trusted stylist (we don’t need any surprises).  
  • Have your personal attendant or MOH bring Mimosas, coffee, and breakfast! Enjoy the morning with your ‘maids and don’t let the stress get to you (hence the mimosas).

6. Organize every item for transport.

  • All attire should be pressed, steamed, and in a garment bag. I recommend bringing a travel steamer for last-minute touches.
  • Keep all accessories separated to avoid a tangled mess.
  • Don’t forget the shoes! Bring a pair of flats for dancing.
  • Have your emergency kit fully-stocked (a great job for the personal attendant). Here are the items we recommend>>
  • Have your décor ready to go. Use a separate container for each table to make setup a breeze (centerpieces, place cards, etc.).
  • Pack your overnight bag and honeymoon luggage. This must-have honeymoon packing list will guarantee you’re ready to go>>
  • Have a few healthy snacks packed; avoid anything that could stain.
  • Don’t forget the bridesmaid gifts, as well as the token and note for your groom!

7. Finalize arrangements for overnights and out-of-town guests.

  • Check in with guests to see if their hotel reservations have been made.
  • Make sure all hosts are ready to welcome guests. Don’t forget to send each a host an extra thank-you card!

8. Write your vows.

  • Have all speeches and vows written on paper for reference.
  • Practice them beforehand! If you want to prevent excessive crying (I know I’ll have to), sit down with your fiancé, have a romantic dinner, and read your vows to each other. Not only will it prepare you for any unpredictable emotions, but it allows you to share your love for one another in a very intimate way.

9. Avoid the following:

  • Drinking excessively. Bloating or a hangover are two things you do not want to deal with.
  • A dramatic haircut or color
  • Chemical peels (ouch!)
  • Spray tan booths. Get your glow applied by a professional.
  • New skin care products. Let’s not have a breakout before the big day, okay?
  • Crash dieting or a new workout routine. A lack of energy or sore muscles are not ideal.
  • Staying up all night. You need your beauty rest! Set a bedtime the night before your nuptials and stick to it.

10. Set aside some time for yourself.

  • Do some yoga, enjoy a bubble bath, or even take your dog on a walk. Give yourself some alone time to reflect on your months of planning, the day ahead, and the wonderful future you’re about to start with the love of your life. You just planned an entire wedding—treat yo’ self.

Do you have anything to add to our Week-of-Wedding Checklist? Share your tips in a comment below! Then read:

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