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(Walking) Cane: A men’s formal wear accessory, typically used in very proper events with a top hat and white gloves.

The formal walking cane for your wedding

Canes are a beautiful addition to any suit or wedding tuxedo. Whether someone wants to accentuate formal garb or just add a stylish flair or distinguished look to men’s formal wear, canes are an accessory with a long tradition. 

Walking canes come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. The ones we are focusing on are the very traditional straight black cane with white tips on either end.

Top Hat, Formal Cane and Tuxedo Gloves

Jim’s Formal Wear Accessories: Top Hat, Formal Cane, and Tuxedo Gloves


Canes: Where did they come from?

The cane originated in the 17th or 18th century, and as with all great male fashions, it began within the military. The cane was an essential part of the European gentleman’s wardrobe. Not only was it a decorative accessory, but it also functioned as a weapon, similar to the sword. Throughout history, canes have been used by many presidents and given or received as very valuable gifts. The idea of the cane being categorized as a formal accessory has been glamorized by many artists, including Fred Astaire and Charlie Chaplin.

Not only have canes been used throughout history, but they are still used today. They are mainly used in very formal functions in conjunction with a wedding tuxedo, but may also be used in any setting to add an artistic flair and to pay homage to your ancestral roots. Whatever your motivation, check out the formal wear and formal wear accessories at the Wedding Shoppe today!

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