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The waistline can most easily be thought of as the gown's line of circumference, corresponding to the body's natural waist.

The waistline is often the point at which the skirt meets the bodice, and can be used as a way of accentuating certain features of one's figure.

With all of the advancements in garment production, not every gown needs to be made with a distinct waistline (see Ruching & Princess Seams), and a gown may not have any seams visibly separating the gown's skirt from the bodice.

Waistline Styles

As with the neckline, waistlines can be categorized by style, based on their shape and location on the body.

The different waistline styles include:

Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

As you search for the perfect wedding dress, it's usually best to start by choosing a silhouette, and then the neckline.

The waistline of a gown is also important, but it can easily be modified, simply by accessorizing with bridal belts and sashes.

The Waistlines:

Wedding Dresses With No Waistline

Casablanca 2004 is a gorgeous, full-lace bridal gown, with no defined waistline:
Casablanca 2004 is stunning all on its own, but if you'd like more waistline definition, try accenting your waist with bridal belts and sashes, the easiest way to get the perfect hourglass figure!

In lieu of a waistline, Maggie Sottero Fiorella features beautiful, figure-flattering ruching throughout its bodice:

The Asymmetrical Waistline
(For more information, see: Asymmetrical Waistline)

Mori Lee 1658 Bridal Gown is a beautiful example of a wedding gown with an asymmetrical waistline:
Mori Lee 1658

The Basque Waist (also called the Antebellum Waistline)
(For more information on this flattering waist style, see: Basque Waistline & Antebellum Waistline)

A fabulous example of a basque waist wedding dress is Mori Lee 2915 Bridal Gown:
Mori Lee 2915

The Drop Waist (or Dropped Waist)

(For more information, see: Drop Waist)

Allure Couture C170 is a gorgeous example of a wedding dress with a dropped waistline:
Allure Couture C170

The Empire Waistline

(For more information on empire waist dresses, see: Empire Waistline)

Maggie Sottero Adorae is a gorgeous example of an empire waist dress:
Maggie Sottero Adorae

The Inverted Basque Waist

(For more information on this waistline style, see: Inverted Basque Waist)

A stunning example of a wedding dress with an inverted basque waistline is Maggie Sottero Isadora:
Maggie Sottero Isadora

The Natural Waistline
(For more information, see: Natural Waist)

Mori Lee 4524 is the perfect example of a wedding dress with a natural waistline:
Mori Lee 4524

The "Rules"

The "rules" of figure flattery aren't fail-safe, so a style that the rules state shouldn't look good on you, could wind up flattering your figure beautifully! That being said, rules can still prove quite handy, when trying to narrow down a wide range of wedding dress styles. To learn more about the different waistline styles, click on it in the list above. (Of course, the knowledgeable, experienced consultants at Wedding Shoppe Inc. can also offer some great advice!)

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