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As the name implies, a v-neck dips down from the shoulders, forming a "V" in the front, and sometimes echoing the "V" shape in the back of the gown, as well.

The depth of the "V" can vary, ranging from demure styles, to deep, plunging necklines.

The v-neck is a slimming style, lending balance to a curvy figure with its elongating, straight lines. Thus, the v-neck is a popular style for all brides, and is especially popular in plus size bridal gowns.

Typically made to accommodate a larger bust, plus size bridal gowns with a V-neckline offer wider straps for enhanced support. Because the wide straps are often also set slightly wider apart, the V-neckline can be great for those who wish to minimize the bust.

The elegant design of Bridal Gown: Allure 8634 beautifully displays the figure-slimming style of a low-cut v-neck dress:
Allure 8634
Bridal Gown: Allure 8634

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