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Tux or Tuxedo

A formal or semi-formal men's black evening jacket that may be either single-breasted (1-6 buttons) or double-breasted (2-6 buttons). Styles vary by occasion whether it is for prom or a wedding.
The groom and his attendants should wear style-appropriate wedding tuxedos based on the formality. Attendants include groomsmen, ushers, fathers, grandfathers, and ring bearers. The entire party wears the same tuxedo, but the groom is often designated with white or ivory accessories to match the bride. The attendants accessories either match or coordinate the bridal party. As the groomsmen match the bridesmaids, it is common for prom tuxedo accessories to match prom gowns.
The original tuxedo dates back to the late 1800’s and was first received with mixed reviews at a local ball in Tuxedo Park, New York. The year was 1886 when Griswold Lorillard was bored with the reserved formal fashions. He arrived at this fashionable event in a short jacket with matching satin lapels. While the older crowd was appalled by his appearance, the young ladies were intrigued and the tuxedo soon because a new standard of evening attire.

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