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Arranged in or having layers or rows.
A popular design element in bridal gowns, bridal veils, and bridesmaid dresses, a tiered effect features multiple layers. For added volume and movement, a tiered skirt is a common bridal gown feature. The fullness of a tiered skirt enhances a delicate waist and long lower body.
Tiered wedding veils consist of two or more layers of bridal tulle, creating fullness and visual interest. The bottom tier is usually the longest, with consequent layers being shorter. As expected, the more tiers a veil has, the more voluminous (and, therefore, dramatic) it will be. 
As a wedding cake design element, a tiered effect features stacked cakes. These tiers can either be stacked directly on one another or separate. Tiered cakes tend to be extremely heavy, and can be difficult to move. (see Tiers)

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