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Taffeta Fabric

A crisp, medium-weight fabric made from silk or synthetic fibers with varying sheen. Considered to be a "high end" fabric, taffeta is suitable for use in ball gowns, wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and prom gowns.
Taffeta in Persian means "twisted woven." Originally silk, it is now also made of synthetic fibers. Taffeta is in the same class and demand as satin made of silk. The cloth is made of a plain or tabby weave, and the textures vary considerably. There are two types of silk taffeta. Piece-dyed taffeta is often used in linings and is quite soft. Yarn-dyed taffeta is much stiffer and is often used in wedding gowns and prom dresses. It frequently has a lustrous surface, which makes it ideal for these types of gowns. Taffeta is also used in ribbons, umbrellas, and some electrical insulation.

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