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Sweetheart Neckline

What is a Sweetheart Neckline?

The sweetheart neckline is a strapless style, featuring two graceful curves accentuating the bust, which plunge and meet in the center. This design resembles the top of a heart (the pretty, stylized kind, of course!), hence the name, sweetheart. (The modified sweetheart neckline is a more subtly curved version of this flattering style.)

Maggie Sottero Adorae beautifully showcases the sweetheart neckline:
Maggie Sottero Adorae
Maggie Sottero Adorae

The depth of the plunge in the center of the sweetheart neckline varies, so a bride looking for sweetheart neckline dresses can show as much, or as little, as she likes.

The sweetheart neckline is flattering on almost every figure, making it one of the most popular neckline styles for bridal gowns; and the following lists some of the best features of the sweetheart neckline.

Benefits of the Sweetheart Neckline:

  • The sweetheart neckline is a flattering style on virtually every figure
  • The sweetheart neckline provides moderate coverage for the bust, while showing enough skin to draw attention to the figure.
  • The plunging design of the sweetheart neckline serves to flatter the figure, accentuating the curves of a fuller bust, and creating curves for brides with a smaller bust
  • The plunge in the center of the sweetheart neckline also serves to lengthen the neck, making the wearer appear taller & thinner (and who doesn't love that?!)

Things to Consider:

  • The sweetheart neckline is a strapless design, therefore some brides may feel more comfortable in a design with straps or sleeves

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