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Strapless Neckline

The strapless neckline is perhaps the most popular neckline style for modern bridal gowns, and is a style supported by the structure of the dress alone, without straps or sleeves.

Maggie Sottero Fiorella Bridal Gown has the popular strapless neckline (this particular style also has a one-shoulder option):
Mori Lee Bridal Gown 4705
Mori Lee Bridal Gown 4705

Strapless Neckline Styles
The style of the strapless neckline varies, and other than the typical strapless neckline, styles include:

The Scalloped Edge
(For more information, see: Scalloped Edge)

The Strapless neckline of Bridal Gown Style: Casablanca 1900 features a lovely scalloped edge, adding to the beauty of its elegant design:
Casablanca 1900Casablanca 1900
Bridal Gown: Casablanca 1900

The Crumb Catcher Neckline
(For more information, see: Crumb Catcher Neckline)

Allure Bridal Gown 2415 is an excellent example of the crumb catcher neckline:
crumb catcher wedding dress
Allure Bridal Gown 2415

The Sweetheart Neckline
(For more information, see: Sweetheart Neckline)

Maggie Sottero Adorae beautifully showcases the sweetheart neckline:
Maggie Sottero Adorae
Maggie Sottero Adorae

The Modified Sweetheart Neckline
(For more information, see: Modified Sweetheart Neckline)

Mori Lee 1664 serves as a perfect example of the subtle curves of the modified sweetheart neckline:
Mori Lee 1664
Mori Lee 1664 Bridal Gown

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