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A narrow strip or band of fine fabric, such as satin or velvet. Ribbons are available in various widths, lengths, and fabrics. They are popular additions to bridal and special occasion fashions, as well as commonly used on invitations.

How is ribbon made?

Ribbon is made much like any other textile, just on a smaller scale. Depending on the type of ribbon you select, the process of weaving is very different. It can be made in different sizes, materials, sheens, and textures.

Where is ribbon used?

Ribbon can be found in almost any element of a wedding. The invitations could have a ribbon bow. The decorations could include ribbon wrapped vases. Brides often have some type of ribbon adorning their gown.

Decretive belts are very popular in bridal fashion right now. At the base of any adorned bridal belt is ribbon. It is a very versatile material that holds adornment easily.

Different Types of Ribbon.

Acetate Ribbons are stiffer, satin-finish ribbons often used for floral arrangements, pew bows, and packaging.


Chiffon, organdy and organza are varieties of very light weight, open weave ribbons commonly referred to as “sheers.”


Grosgrain Ribbons are durable yet supple woven ribbons. The crosswise ribs give grosgrain enough body for a crisp appearance.


Iridescent ribbons have a pearl-like finish revealing changeable colors depending on the light or the angle of view.


Moiré Ribbons have a rippled or “watermark” appearance.


Poly ribbon, made from polypropylene, is typically very shiny and can be made waterproof for outdoor use.


Satin Ribbons have a very smooth, shiny finish. Satin ribbons may be single-faced, which is shiny on one side and dull on the other; or double-faced, which is shiny on both sides.


Taffeta Ribbons are made of lightweight fabric, which may or may not be translucent. The ends of taffeta ribbons tend to fray easily, so it is recommended they be cut on the bias, or at an angle, rather than straight across.


Velvet Ribbons have a tight weave and a low cut pile surface - the velvety side - with a plain underside. These ribbons require particular care so that the plush surface does not get flattened and shiny.


Wired Ribbons have fine wires placed in the selvage edges so that, once placed, the arrangement keeps its shape.

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