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Princess Seams

Princess Seams - two parallel seams that run vertically down the front of a gown, from bodice to hem, creating a slimmer, more elongated appearance.

The Princess Silhouette - The term Princess is commonly used to refer to the A-Line silhouette, and the two terms have become virtually synonymous, perhaps this is due to the fact that Princess seams are most often seen on an A-Line silhouette.

Something to note: The terms "Princess" and "Ball Gown" can easily be mistaken as referring to the same style. This is most likely because a ball gown silhouette conjures up memories of our favorite fairytale princesses. However, the styles are quite distinct, and the term "Princess" is used, because the style was popularized by the iconic actress, Grace Kelly, who became Princess Grace of Monaco, when she married Prince Rainier III, on April 18, 1965.

Allure Bridal Gown 2412 is an elegant style, featuring elongating Princess seams:
Allure 2412
Allure Bridal Gown 2412

A close-up of the bodice of Jasmine Bridal Gown T236 provides a nice, clear view of Princess seams:
Jasmine Bridal Gown T236
Jasmine Bridal Gown T236

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