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A peplum hem (also referred to as a peplum waist) is a short flounce or overskirt, usually attached at the waistline. 

History of the peplum skirt.

The term peplum dates back to the 19th century referring to a short overskirt attached to or accompanying a fitted jacket. Sometimes the peplum skirt was deliberately flared, enhancing or suggesting greater curve to the hips. In other styles you will find the peplum skimming the hips closely.

The peplum skirt style faded in the 1950s but reemerged in the late 80s as a protest to boxy menswear fashions. They helped to bring back the emphasis of feminine curves.

Where can you see a peplum in current fashion?

Peplums are most commonly found on form fitting jackets. They add shape and definition to structured materials and styles. It is rare to see a long peplum skirt in current fashions. There are two types of peplums: the fitted peplum and the flared peplum. Each has their benefits and drawbacks. Whether fitted or flared, a peplum skirt will add emphasis to the hips, but will accentuate your waist beautifully.

There are several adorable peplum dress styles for bridesmaids and brides currently available. Most of them pay homage to the peplum skirt of the 1940s; waist cinching, barely flared, and ending at the end of the hip.  Depending on your body type and style preference, there is a peplum skirt perfect for you.

Here’s some cute, vintage style peplum dresses from Alfred Sung (Alfred Sung Bridesmaid Dress D556) and from Tara Keely. (Tara Keely Bridal Gown TK2255)


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