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Organdy Fabric

Organdy is a sheer, stiff fabric of cotton or silk often used for lightweight apparel.

How is organdy made?

Organdy fabric is plain cotton made with tightly twisted yarns. It is very crisp due to a starch and calendaring process or with chemicals using the Heberlein process. If organdy fabric is made through the chemical process it will still stay crisp permanently.

All organdy fabric is extremely wrinkly. There is a wrinkle- free finish called bellmanizing which will help fight off wrinkles. Organdy is very versatile and can be easily dyed, printed on, bleached, frosted, flocked, or embroidered.

What is organdy fabric used for?

The most common uses for organdy fabric are for garment overlays. You can probably find blouses, dresses, puffed sleeves, gathered skirts, and old fashioned petticoats made of organdy. You can also find it used for sheer curtains.

You will most commonly find organdy fabric in flower girl dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and reception table coverings.  Because of its sheer qualities, organdy is a fantastic fabric to pair with twinkly lights and other light elements for party decorations.

Here are some examples of organdy fabric in bridesmaid and flower girl dresses.
After Six Bridesmaid Dress 6582 (left) & Dessy Flower Girl Dress FL4023 (right)



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