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The neckline refers to the style of the top edge of a gown, located at or below the neck, in reference to its shape and height, as seen from the front.

The neckline usually describes just the top edge of the gown, in reference to the anatomical neck, but it is often influenced by a particular sleeve style (e.g. – One Shoulder necklines).

Neckline Styles

The different neckline styles can be categorized according to their shape and height (the height of a neckline being the point at which it cuts across the body).

Wedding Dress Neckline Styles Include:

Conservative Neckline Styles:

Other Neckline Styles:

*Of course, some of the styles listed above that aren't classified as "conservative," may still be considered conservative
, depending on each specific gown's cut, style, and the wearer's perspective on conservative attire.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

As you continue your quest for the perfect wedding gown, it is usually best to start by choosing a silhouette.

Next in line: the neckline! In most cases, choosing a neckline is a much simpler decision to make than choosing a silhouette, as there aren't quite as many factors to consider when choosing a neckline.

If your search for the perfect wedding dress has just begun, consider trying on a few different neckline styles that appeal to you, to determine which style looks best on your body type. That being said, there's no need to spend copious amounts of time debating the different neckline styles you should choose for your gown – in most cases, small changes can easily be made, in order to alter a gown's neckline to suit your preferences (unlike the gown's silhouette, which for the most part, cannot be changed).

The following images give examples of different neckline styles seen in designer wedding dresses. After you've found the silhouette and neckline that you like the most, it's time to look at the waistline! This is exciting, because the waistline is often the easiest part, especially because the look of your wedding gown's waistline can easily be altered with bridal belts and sashes.

The Necklines:

The Cowl Neck
(For more information, see: Cowl Neckline)

Venus Bridal Gown PA9907 is a great example of the softly draped lines of the cowl neck:
cowl neck wedding dresscowl neck wedding dress
Venus Bridal Gown PA9907

Halter Dresses
(For more information, see: Halter)

Mori Lee 4805 Bridal Gown is a beautiful example of the halter neckline:
Mori Lee 4805Mori Lee 4805
Mori Lee 4805 Bridal Gown

The Illusion Neckline
(For more information, see: Illusion Neckline)

A gorgeous illusion neckline is displayed on San Patrick Bridal Gown Rene, which combines the sweetheart neckline with the bateau:
Illusion Neckline
San Patrick Bridal Gown Rene

The Keyhole Neckline
(For more information, see: Keyhole Neckline)

Maggie Sottero RD1086 displays keyhole detailing along the neckline:
Maggie Sottero RD1086
Maggie Sottero RD1086 Bridal Gown

Off the Shoulder Wedding Dresses
(For more information, see: Off the Shoulder Neckline)

Pronovias Bridal Gown Amanda is an absolutely amazing example of Off the Shoulder wedding dresses:
Pronovias Bridal Gown Amanda
Pronovias Bridal Gown Amanda

One Shoulder Dresses
(For more information, see: One Shoulder Neckline)

Pronovias Gaudi Bridal Gown beautifully displays the on-trend style of one shoulder dresses:
One Shoulder Wedding Gowns
Pronovias Gaudi Bridal Gown

The Portrait Neckline
(For more information, see: Portrait Neckline)

The almost-off-the-shoulder style of the Portrait neckline is perfectly displayed on Mori Lee Bridal Gown 3052:
Mori Lee Bridal Gown 3052
Mori Lee Bridal Gown 3052

The Scoop Neck
(For more information, see: Scoop Neck)

The tastefully figure-flaunting design of Maggie Sottero Rosalyn features a low-cut scoop neck:
Maggie Sottero RosalynMaggie Sottero Rosalyn
Maggie Sottero Rosalyn Bridal Gown

The Square Neckline
The square neck is quite similar to the scoop neck, but instead of the "U" shape, it's a square! (For more information, see: Square Neck)

A perfect example of the square neckline is displayed in the design of Pronovias Bridal Gown Amatista:
Square Neck Wedding Gowns
Pronovias Bridal Gown Amatista

Strapless Neckline Styles

Maggie Sottero Fiorella Bridal Gown has the popular strapless neckline (this style also has a one-shoulder option!):
Mori Lee Bridal Gown 4705
Maggie Sottero Bridal Gown Fiorella

The Scalloped Edge
(For more information, see: Scalloped Edge)

The Strapless neckline of Bridal Gown Style: Casablanca 1900 features a lovely scalloped edge, adding to the beauty of its elegant design:
Casablanca 1900Casablanca 1900
Bridal Gown: Casablanca 1900

The Crumb Catcher Neckline
(For more information, see: Crumb Catcher Neckline)

Allure Bridal Gown 2415 is an excellent example of the crumb catcher neckline:
crumb catcher wedding dress
Allure Bridal Gown 2415

The Sweetheart Neckline
(For more information, see: Sweetheart Neckline)

Maggie Sottero Adorae beautifully showcases the sweetheart neckline:
Maggie Sottero Adorae
Maggie Sottero Adorae

The Modified Sweetheart Neckline
(For more information, see: Modified Sweetheart Neckline)

Mori Lee 1664 serves as a perfect example of the subtle curves of the modified sweetheart neckline:
Mori Lee 1664
Mori Lee 1664 Bridal Gown

(For more information, see: V-Neck)

The elegant design of Bridal Gown: Allure 8634 beautifully incorporates a figure-slimming low cut v-neck:
Allure 8634
Bridal Gown: Allure 8634

The Surplice Neckline
(For more information, see: Surplice Neckline)

Maggie Sottero Adorae Louise is a perfect example of the surplice neckline, a variation of the V-Neck:
Maggie Sottero Adorae Louise
Maggie Sottero Adorae Louise Bridal Gown

Conservative Neckline Styles

The Bateau Neckline (or "Boat Neck")
(For more information, see: Bateau Neckline)

The front of Bridal Gown Pronovias Icaro is a great example of a wedding dress with a bateau neckline:
Pronovias Icaro
Bridal Gown Pronovias Icaro

The Sabrina Neckline
(For more information, see: Sabrina Neckline)

Casablanca 2004 Bridal Gown provides a perfect example of the Sabrina neckline:
Casablanca 2004Casablanca 2004
Casablanca 2004 Bridal Gown

The Jewel Neck

The jewel neck is shown on Venus Bridal Gown TB7553:
Venus Bridal Gown TB7553
Venus Bridal Gown TB7553

Mock Neck Wedding Dresses
(For more information, see: Mock Neck)

The beautiful, full lace Bridal Gown: Casablanca 2023 features an illusion mock turtleneck:
Mock Neck Wedding Dresses
Bridal Gown: Casablanca 2023

Temple Ready Wedding Dresses
(For more information, see: Temple Ready)

From the Allure Modest Wedding Dresses Collection, Allure M441 Bridal Gown is a great example of temple ready wedding dresses.
Mori Lee Bridal Gown 4705
Allure M441 Bridal Gown

Other Neckline Styles

The Bertha Collar
Certainly a more uncommon style, the Bertha collar is sure to set you apart from the crowd! (For more information, see: Bertha Collar)

Maggie Sottero Bridal Gown Fontane features a fashion-forward update on the Bertha Collar:
Maggie Sottero Bridal Gown Fontane Maggie Sottero Bridal Gown Fontane
Maggie Sottero Bridal Gown Fontane

The Queen Anne Neckline
(For more information, see: Queen Anne Neckline)

Maggie Sottero Bernadette beautifully showcases the Queen Anne neckline:
Maggie Sottero Bernadette
Maggie Sottero Bernadette Bridal Gown

The Queen Elizabeth Neckline
(For more information, see: Queen Elizabeth Neckline)
The Queen Elizabeth Neckline is almost identical to the Queen Anne neckline, but features a higher collar.

Bridal Gown style: Allure 8764 beautifully shows the high collar of the Queen Elizabeth neckline:
Allure 8764
Bridal Gown style: Allure 8764

The "Rules"

Of course, "the rules" can't be correct 100% of the time, and a style that, by definition, shouldn't look good on you, ends up being absolutely fabulous! But rules can also be handy dandy, when it comes to narrowing down our decisions, so to learn more about the different neckline styles, click on its name in the listing above. (Of course, the experienced consultants at Wedding Shoppe Inc. can also offer you their wisdom!)

Choosing a neckline for your wedding gown is slightly different than the process for choosing a silhouette. When choosing the silhouette, the only thing you need to take into consideration, is your body shape (and your style preferences, of course!).

However, when choosing your neckline, it is best to choose a style that complements your face shape, and then take your body shape into consideration. Don’t worry, this isn't as tricky or painstaking as it may sound.

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