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A lightweight synthetic fiber woven into fabrics, microfiber is available acrylic, nylon, polyester and rayon. The soft, luxurious fabric is wrinkle resistant and machine washable.

Where did Microfiber come from?

With so many new fabrics available on the market it’s hard to distinguish which is which and which and where it came from. The 20th century welcomed tons of new and exciting materials that were created from waste products. Microfiber, believe it or not, is created from the sludge that is left over after oil is refined.

It is first turned into polypropylene, and then spun into thin olefin fiber. Olefin fiber at it’s very finest is then turned into microfiber. It is extremely thin, surprisingly resilient and very diverse in its textile applications.  

Microfiber is a synthetic fabric, whereas cotton is natural and can even be found in organic varieties.

What is microfiber used for?

Microfiber comes in many very different forms. It can be found in anything from furniture upholstery to athletic compression shorts to eye glass cleaning cloths.


Microfiber in clothing comes in various forms, but is most well known in athletic attire. It is spun from a synthetic yarn made from polyester and other fibers. It is designed to allow for maximum airflow and breathability. It is also very stretchy which allows for almost any body type to enjoy its comforts.


For women, microfiber is most commonly found in support undergarments such as shape wear and bras. Because of the way the fabric is woven, it is knit tightly together and retains its shape through stress. This makes it ideal for slimming undergarments to wear under fine dresses and body skimming styles. 

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