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Mermaid Silhouette

The Mermaid silhouette: Are mermaid dresses the best dress for your shape? The mermaid silhouette is a great style for flaunting feminine curves; tightly hugging the contours of the body from bodice to knee (or slightly below the knee), where the skirt begins to dramatically flare away from the body, down to the hem.

(See "Differentiation" to read about the differences between the Mermaid, the Trumpet, and the Fit and Flare silhouettes)

Allure Bridal Gown 8717 is a great example of the silhouette of mermaid wedding dresses:
Allure Bridal Gown 8717
Allure Bridal Gown 8717

Benefits of the Mermaid Silhouette:

The mermaid silhouette can really pack a glamorous punch, and the mermaid silhouette might just be the best dress for your shape. The following are some of the most flattering features of this fabulous silhouette.
Mermaid dresses:
  • Highlight feminine curves, making it one of the best dress styles for hourglass figures
  • Add feminine curves to a straight figure
  • Are a very glamorous, high-fashion silhouette
  • Create a very sexy silhouette
    • Thus, a mermaid dress can feature a high neck and/or long sleeves, and still exude an alluring appeal; so you can look sexy and glamorous, even if you'd rather not show a lot of skin! (See "Modest Wedding Gowns with Couture Flair")

Things to Consider:

While the mermaid silhouette can be ultra-glamorous, it might not be the most flattering dress for your shape. The following are a few things to keep in mind when considering a mermaid wedding dress. (As always, these guidelines aren't infallible; everyone's body shape is unique!)
  • A mermaid dress is typically best suited to slender figures, as it hides very little, revealing every curve.
  • Mermaid dresses can restrict freedom of movement
  • Because the mermaid dress is such a form-fitting style, be mindful when choosing your undergarments - you don't want any embarrassing lines peeking through your gown!


The mermaid silhouette is quite similar to the fit and flare silhouette and the trumpet silhouette; and the three are often thought of as interchangeable terms for the same style. However, there are a few distinguishing characteristics that can be used to differentiate these styles.
So, what's the difference between mermaid and fit and flare? And what's the difference between mermaid and trumpet?

  • The Mermaid flares dramatically, at or below the knee
  • The Trumpet flares gradually, at about mid-thigh
  • The Fit and Flare flares right below the hip

Keep in mind however, that in fashion, there is always room for interpretation, so if your heart is set on a mermaid wedding dress, you may also want to shop our selection of trumpet bridal gowns and fit and flare bridal gowns, as all three are fabulous dress styles for hourglass figures (or for creating the illusion of an hourglass figure!), and you just might find a style among them that is quite similar to the mermaid dress you've been dreaming of.

Modest Wedding Gowns with Couture Flair

Modest wedding gowns don't have to sacrifice style; you can have modesty and couture glamour all in one! Mermaid style wedding dresses have a very fashion forward silhouette, making them a perfect canvas for blending glamour and modesty.

Blue by Enzoani Bridal Gown Dillon is a stunning example of high fashion, modest, mermaid style wedding dresses:
Blue by Enzoani Bridal Gown Dillon
Blue by Enzoani Bridal Gown Dillon

Highlighting the Waistline in a Mermaid Wedding Dress

Although a mermaid dress does accentuate feminine curves, you may want to add a little something extra to highlight your waist, so you look extra teeny tiny! The best part is, Bridal Belts and Sashes add a bit of unique, personal touch to your gown!

(Read more about the waistline, to see which styles are the most flattering choice for your figure.)

A great example of a Mermaid wedding dress, complete with sash, is Mori Lee 1651 Bridal Gown:
Mori Lee 1651
Mori Lee 1651 Bridal Gown

Plus Size Wedding Dresses & the Mermaid Silhouette

The mermaid silhouette can be a great choice for curvy women; it's all a matter of finding the right one, and wearing it with confidence!

A gorgeous example of a mermaid wedding dress for a full-figured bride is Bonny Bridal Gown 1121:
Bonny Bridal Gown 1121
Bonny Bridal Gown 1121

Shop bridal gowns at Wedding Shoppe Inc. today, to see more Mermaid Wedding Dresses!

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