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Mantilla Veil

What is a Mantilla Veil?

A mantilla veil is a style of wedding veils formed by a circular piece of cloth; usually made either fully of lace, or of lace-trimmed bridal tulle. A Mantilla veil is secured to the crown of the head with a comb, with the length of the veil draping softly against the shoulders. (The translation of the Spanish mantilla is "little cloak".)
Mantilla wedding veils come in many different lengths, but tradition dictates that the mantilla be a longer length, like waist, fingertip, waltz, chapel, and cathedral. Due to the dramatic nature of this veil, it is best paired with a simpler bridal gown with fewer embellishments.
In recent years, Mantilla wedding veils have steadily gained popularity, and complement a wide range of dress styles and silhouettes

Examples of mantilla wedding veils

Mantilla Wedding Veils
J.L. Johnson V5060

How to Wear a Bridal Mantilla Veil

The traditional Spanish mantilla was worn over a very high comb, extending high above the top of the wearer's head. However, the modern styling of the bridal Mantilla veil utilizes a much smaller comb, which lies flat against the head, and ideally, remains completely hidden by the veil's lace (or lace trim), as well as the bride's hair, giving a sort of illusion that the veil is "magically" affixed to the crown of the head.  

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