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Lamé Fabric

A type of fabric woven or knit with thin ribbons of metallic yarn creating a glistening effect. 

You’ve probably heard about or seen lamé in costuming for theatre productions or prom dresses as it is light catching, flashy, and regal looking. The most common lamé fabric colors are gold lamé and silver lamé although copper is being found in under layers in recent years.

What is Lamé fabric exactly?

Lamé fabric is a shimmering material that is made by combining metallic fibers and natural or synthetic fibers into a woven of knit fabric. Lamé has a very high gloss finish that makes it very striking and light catching. Because of the glint of the fabric it gives a sense of movement to any fabric it is combined with.

Lamé fabric: What do you make with it?

Lamé fabric is most often used for garments such as wraps to match evening gowns, cummerbunds and tuxedo scarves for men. Lamé will make a dressy outfit even dressier. In the bridal industry lamé is used as accent fabric for sashes, bags, head pieces, and accessories. You will also find it used very often in Mother of the Bride dresses and for those fairytale flower girl dresses.

In recent years, the appeal of Lamé fabric has moved into gift wrapping. Lamé gift bags are a great way to present anything from a bottle of wine to a new neck tie. Lamé is a great addition to any gift wrapping experience because of its innate ability to make anything look glamorous.

A great example of Lamé fabric can be found in Rina Di Montella Mother of the Bride Dresses 1236


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