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Knee Length dresses, as the name suggests, have a hem length that stops at the knees, usually just touching the tops of the knees.

This style is very similar to the Cocktail Length dress, but as it is slightly longer, it can be considered slightly more formal than cocktail length dresses.

Knee Length Wedding Dresses

During the ceremony itself, knee length dresses are typically only worn by brides having informal weddings or destination weddings. (See "Informal Short Wedding Dresses" for more information on informal wedding dresses.)

Many brides choose to have a second dress, to be worn during the reception. For this purpose, knee length wedding dresses are a great option, giving the bride much more freedom, so she can dance the night away!

Changing into a "going away dress," before leaving the reception is another newer wedding tradition among brides. This is especially great if you want to celebrate your wedding with a special "First Date as a Married Couple," or if you plan to leave for your honeymoon directly after the reception.

Bonus: Your knee length dress can be re-worn as a fabulous anniversary dress!

Informal Wedding Dresses

With a detachable train, Jasmine Bridal Gown F421 can be dressed up or down, to your liking; a fabulous option for brides looking for informal wedding dresses:
Jasmine Informal Wedding Dresses
Jasmine Bridal Gown F421

Destination Wedding Dresses

Destination weddings are an intimate, romantic setting in which to begin your marriage; and knee length wedding dresses give you freedom to completely enjoy your wedding, without a care in the world.

A delightful example of knee length wedding dresses for a destination wedding is Eden Bridal Gown 1410:
Eden Destination Wedding Dresses
Eden Bridal Gown 1410

Reception Dresses
(For more information, see: Reception Dresses)

Moonlight Bridal Gown T446, with its whimsical, full skirt, lace bodice, and cute bow detail, is a great example of reception dresses:
Moonlight Reception Dresses
Moonlight Bridal Gown T446

Post- Reception Dresses

Bari Jay Bridal Gown 2019 is a great style for your honeymoon: cute and comfy!
Bari Jay Dresses
Bari Jay Bridal Gown 2019

Knee Length Bridesmaid Dresses

Knee length styles work great for your bridesmaids, and are very likely to be worn again!

A super cute example of knee length bridesmaid dresses is Alfred Sung Bridesmaid Dress D496:
Alfred Sung Bridesmaid Dress D496
Alfred Sung Bridesmaid Dress D496

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