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Jersey Fabric

Jersey fabric is a knit textile commonly made from cotton or a cotton/synthetic blend. It is typically characterized by its ability to stretch up to 25% along its grain. Jersey fabric is warm, flexible, stretchy and insulating. Undershirts and undergarments are often made from jersey fabric because its soft texture, and its ability to insulate and cool.

Jersey is made using a knitting machine. The machine process is what allows jersey to be created with close grained stitches. Like any knit fabric there is a distinctive right and wrong side to the material. Most often garments are made with the right side facing out, but some seamstresses will make a stylistic choice to use the inside grain for the outside of the garment. You will know the difference because the right side has a vertical grain, while the back has a horizontal grain.

It is becoming increasingly easier to find wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses made from jersey knit fabric. There are different types of jersey fabric depending on the thread count. The type of jersey used for a t-shirt is very different then the type used for a bridal gown. You will be able to see and feel the difference in texture, but will still have the refreshing softness, comfort and breathability of a t-shirt in the heavier jersey knit materials.

Care directions for jersey fabric vary, depending on whether the fabric is entirely natural or partially synthetic. As a general rule, jersey fabric can be washed in warm water with like colors, and tumble dried on a medium setting. Bright colors will stay brighter longer if they are washed on a cold setting and dried on low. Try to avoid mixing bright colors and whites in the wash, as the colors may bleed.

Jersey Dessy Bridesmaid Dress TwistPrm2 (left) & Impressions Bridal Gown 11547 (right)

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