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Grosgrain Fabric

Grosgrain is a plain weave corded fabric, with heavier cords than in poplin but lighter than in faille. Grosgrain has a very dull appearance with little luster, however it is very strong. It is a firm, close-woven, fine-corded fabric.  While Grosgrain fabric is generally black, it can be many different colors, and grosgrain ribbon comes in a large variety of colors and patterns.

 Throughout the 17th century grosgrain fabric was used as the fabric body (corpus) for many garments, including waistcoats, jackets, petticoats, beeches, sleeves, jerkins and many other items of clothing, as a cheaper alternative for the lower socio-economic demographic than fine-woven silk or wool. Factories in America started to produce grosgrain silk in the late 19th century.

 Throughout the 1920s the term seems to have remained true to original definition as a garment fabric. However, circa 1920s it fell out of favor as a garment fabric and was defined identical to contemporary terminology as a grosgrain ribbon. While grosgrain fabric is almost always black, grosgrain ribbon comes in a large variety of colors and printed patterns.

 The most common contemporary use of ribbed grosgrain is in hems where it may be elasticized or not, especially in polo shirts, t-shirts and underwear.

 Grosgrain that does have some luster is a very popular fabric especially for ribbons, which are used to ornament and decorate clothing.

As grosgrain has less luster than burnished silk or satin it is very popular with and common in evening wear because it is seen as less "flashy", though silk and satin can commonly be found on day wear. Despite the fact grosgrain may actually be made of silk or satin, it is often erroneously referred to as a separate fabric.
You will often find grosgrain fabric in the form of wedding sashes to accent your wedding gown.
Some of our favorites: 
Augusta Jones Bridal Belts and Sashes N8 and Augsta Jones Bridal Belts and Sashes N42 


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