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A thick, delectable icing made of chocolate and heavy cream. Ganache (from the French word for "jowl") refers to a variety of icing, fillings for pastries, and glazes.
Its origins date to around 1850, when it may have been invented in Switzerland or in France. Ganache is normally made by heating heavy/double cream, then pouring it over chopped dark chocolate. The mixture is stirred or blended until smooth, and can be enhanced with liqueurs or extracts. Depending on the kind of chocolate used, cream should be adjusted to reach desired consistency. Ganache can also be used in filled chocolates, chocolate truffles, and other desserts. The proportion of chocolate to cream varies depending on the intended usage of the ganache. Typically, a ganache is chocolate and cream in a 2:1 ratio; this is used for filling cakes or a chocolate truffle base. For making a glaze, one should use three times as much chocolate as cream. When ganache is cooled and whipped, it can be use as a frosting; whipping increases volume of the ganache.

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