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Flyaway Veil

What is a Flyaway Veil?

Flyaway wedding veils are a short wedding veil style with multiple tiers. The length of flyaway wedding veils just brushes the shoulders, and as the name suggests, the tulle used in a flyaway veil typically has a stiffer quality than other styles of wedding veils, allowing the flyaway veil to "fly away" from the wearer, adding volume and a little bit of "poof".

So, what is a flyaway veil? Bel Aire Bridal Veil V7062 shows a fabulous example of flyaway wedding veils with fun, frothy layers:

The flyaway veil is typically considered a more informal wedding veil style, most commonly seen paired with an informal wedding dress. (For more on the differences between formal and informal wedding dresses see: Formal Wedding Dresses vs. Informal Wedding Dresses).

Of course, these days, there are no strict rules governing a bride's style, and if she wants to have a formal wedding and don a flyaway veil at the same time, she certainly may do whatever suits her fancy!

Erica Koesler Bridal Veil V-1337 provides a stunning example of Alencon Lace:

While we can't say for certain, we'd like to think that if Frank Sinatra had ever been a bride, he would've worn a flyaway veil. "Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away!"

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