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Fingertip Veil

What are fingertip wedding veils?

Fingertip wedding veils are a popular style of veil usually consisting of several layers of tulle that extend to the fingertips (hence the name). They range from 36” to 45” inches long.

Fingertip wedding veils come with a range of embellishments, from small crystals scattered throughout, to full lace edging, to no embellishments at all. This will depend entirely on the bride’s preference and the style of her bridal gown.

Examples of fingertip wedding veils

Erica Koesler 778-40 (left) and Erica Koesler 789-41 (right).

As it is customary for the bride to match the color of her veil to the color of her dress, veils also come in varying shades of white, such as ivory, creme, diamond white, ecru, or eggshell, to name a few. Ivory fingertip veil styles are more popular than their white counterparts, as most bridal gowns are a softer shade of ivory because it is more flattering than white. When choosing the color of a veil, the bride should see the veil with her dress to assure an accurate match.

Wondering which ivory fingertip veil is right for you? Curious about the different types of veils? Check out our tips on shopping for bridal veils for help!

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