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Elbow Length Veil

What is a bridal elbow veil?

A bridal elbow veil is a popular, mid-length veil that falls to about the bride’s elbows. Measuring about 30 inches long, this veil is very versatile, and can be worn in both semi-formal and formal weddings.

Elbow length veils can be single or double layered. A double layer veil will be fuller than a single layer veil, due to the bulk of the fabric, and the top layer is typically shorter than the bottom layer to create visual interest and/or to be used as a blusher.

Examples of a bridal elbow veil

Bridal elbow veil styles Bridal elbow veil styles

J.L. Johnson V5234 (left); J.L. Johnson C339 (right)

Because of where elbow length veils hit the body, they are ideal for brides who want to highlight the skirt of their bridal gown. The break created by the bottom of the veil will draw the eye to the skirt, so elbow length veils would be perfect paired with dramatic skirts. Unlike longer styles, this length won’t cover up the back of the dress or any part of the train, allowing the back of the dress to be put on display.

As always, when choosing a veil, take into consideration your bridal gown. If it’s simple or classic with clean lines, a more elaborate veil might be appropriate. On the other hand, if your gown is heavily embellished, a simpler veil may be a better choice so as not to distract from your dress.

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