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Duchesse Satin Fabric

An elegant and lustrous fabric, duchesse satin is shiny, heavy, and luxurious. Often used for couture wedding gowns or extravagant home decor, duchesse satin has been around since ancient China. Silk weavers made this textile with many layers of delicate fibers that created a soft texture with a lot of body and sheen. It is a popular choice for wedding gowns because it drapes well, helping to create full and beautiful skirts.

Satin has a very high thread count, the number of individual threads that crisscross the fabric in a square inch (6.45 square cm). Duchesse satin is usually made from silk fibers, although it can also contain polyester, rayon, or acetate filler. An expensive choice, an interior decorator might choose duchesse satin for velvet drape lining, a holiday table runner, or ruffle on a dupioni pillowcase.

In clothing, duchesse satin is used primary for bridal gowns and lingerie. Wedding gowns have been sewn from duchesse satin for centuries, since it was first imported to Europe from Zaytun, China. It accompanies lace, velvet, beading, chiffon, shantung silk, tulle, and organza beautifully. Designers prefer duchesse satin because the skirt keeps its full curves, instead of fluttering, as would a thinner fabric.

There are hundreds of beautiful gowns made of Duchesse Satin to choose from. No matter what you select, you will feel regal, classic, and truly fabulous on your big day.
A beautiful example of Duchesse Satin Fabric by Casablanca Bridal Gown B056 
Find your classic, sleek and stunning Duchesse Satin Gown in Lea Ann Belter Bridal Gown - Julia

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