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Classic daytime formal attire that was traditionally worn only for events prior to noon, but is now acceptable up until mid-afternoon. A single button charcoal grey or black coat with a long coachman back. Also known as a morning coat.
The front of the coat "cuts away from the button down. Worn with a dove grey or black vest, striped or pin-dot ascot, wing collar shirt, and either striped or nailhead pants. Black formal shoes or dress calfskin shoes are a must. Long coat; tapers from waistline button to one broad tail in back. The modern morning coat (or cutaway in American English) is a man's coat worn as the principal item in morning dress. The name derives from morning nineteenth century horseback riding exercise for gentlemen. It was regarded as a casual form of half dress. Gradually it became acceptable as an alternative to the frock coat for formal day wear or full dress. Since the nineteenth century it is normally only seen at weddings, formal baptisms and funerals and, in England, races such as Royal Ascot and the Derby. Also, the United States Solicitor General and his deputies traditionally appear in morning dress when arguing before the United States Supreme Court, and male members of the cabinet of Japan wear it in their first public appearance following the formation of the cabinet. A morning coat is a single-breasted coat, the front parts usually meeting at one button in the middle, and curving away gradually into a pair of tails behind, topped by two ornamental buttons on the waist seam. The lapels are usually double-breasted style (American English peak), not step (notch), since the coat is now only worn as formalwear; when it was first introduced, the step lapel was common, since it was worn as half dress. The coat can be grey or black as part of morning dress, and is usually worn with striped trousers. The morning coat may also be worn as part of a morning suit, which is dove grey with matching trousers and waistcoat. During the Victorian and Edwardian era, in America morning coat referred to a single-breasted frock coat, so the British then made fun of the fact that Americans were unable to distinguish between morning coats and frock coats. In modern American English, morning coats are referred to as cutaway coats.

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