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Crinkle Chiffon Fabric

Silk chiffon, from the French word for rag, is an elegant, sheer fabric with a soft, beautiful drape, slight stretch, and crepe-like texture, due to pronounced twisting of the silk yarns during the manufacturing process. 

Silk crinkle chiffon possesses the sheer look and subtle texture of chiffon, with an added stiffness. Extremely lightweight and fashionable, this adaptable silk lends itself very well to the sexy, flowing, veiled look. 

Silk crinkle chiffon is often used in scarves and shawls as well as gown overlays, and is also popular in evening wear and blouses.The delicate nature of chiffon fabrics does require some extra garment-making care. 

Cutting is best done by first laying out the fabric on tissue paper and then pinning it to the paper, to allow layers to be cut as one. The fabric's signature crinkles are guaranteed to withstand washing, dry-cleaning and ironing, and while the fabric may be safely dry cleaned, hand washing is preferable.
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