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The cravat is a classic style of men's formal neckwear, similar to a scarf, worn folded over and knotted, or fastened with a tie tack. (See also: Ascot Tie.) 


The cravat necktie throughout history…

The cravat necktie originated in the 1630s, and is considered the predecessor of the modern men’s formal neckwear style seen in most neckties and bow ties. The history of the cravat is one of a military inspired fashion, as many male styles throughout history have been.

Men's Tuxedo Accessories Dessy  Custom Cravats in Dupioni Men's Tuxedo Accessories Image 2 

Dessy Men's Tuxedo Accessories: Custom Cravats in Dupioni/V703


The word cravat stems from the French corrupt pronunciation of the word “Croate,” meaning the Croatian military that they were fighting during the reign of Louis XIII of France against the Duke of Guise and the Queen Mother. The traditional military uniform given to Croatian soldiers piqued Parisian curiosity about the men’s formal neckwear that were knotted at the throat. This military inspired fashion was used mainly by the French until Charles II’s exile to England. He brought with him to the New World the latest fashion, the cravat necktie.

Throughout time and military regiments the cravat necktie was renamed, refined, and re-designed, but overall carried the same impressiveness and stylish military inspired fashion to be desired. Both men and women alike showed off this stylish trend and by knotting it in different fashions also created the separation of taste, style, and wealth. After the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 the cravat necktie was merely referred to as a “tie.”

Men's formal neckwear today…

Still to this day in Croatia, due to its expansive history and stylish beginnings, the Croatians celebrate “Cravat Day” on October 18th. This military inspired fashion is used widely in European countries, but is also used in extremely formal weddings and, in rare instances, at formal events in the US. So whether you are embracing your Croatian, French, or English heritage, or just want to have a fun or formal affair, check out our cravat collection. You will fall in love.

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