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Cowl Neck

What is the Cowl Neck?

The cowl neck features loosely draped fabric, forming something of a turnover effect (not the pastry), creating a swinging, unstructured appearance, like that of a softly draped scarf worn around the neck.

Origin of the Cowl Neck

Wondering why on earth it's called a "cowl neck"? Well then, it's time for a fun little history lesson! The word cowl comes from the Latin, cuculla, meaning "hood and rope," and during medieval times, the cowl was a piece of clothing, made up of a hood and shoulder cape (think Robin Hood). Surprisingly, the cuculla is still worn today… by members of religious orders, such as Roman Catholic monks (so, maybe it's not that surprising, after all).

The modern style of the cowl neck, seen in women's clothing, incorporates the draping effect created by the fabric of the cuculla's hood hanging down from the head, and draping around the neck.

The Cowl Neck Dress

The perfect style for spring & summer weddings, Jim Hjelm Occasions Dress JH5159T features a chiffon cowl neck, making it a beautifully complementary style to wedding dresses with soft, flowing lines:
cowl neck dresscowl neck dress
Jim Hjelm Occasions Dress JH5159T

The Cowl Neck Wedding Dress

Venus Bridal Gown PA9907 is the perfect example of a cowl neck wedding dress:
cowl neck wedding dresscowl neck wedding dress
Venus Bridal Gown PA9907

Cowl Back Dresses
The soft draping of the cowl neck is not solely reserved for the front of a gown's design. Cowl back dresses display the same draping of the traditional cowl neck, but often drape much lower on the body, a fabulous style for backless dresses.

Doubling the fun with a cowl neck in the front and back of its design, Sophia Tolli Bridesmaid Dress BY11164T provides a chic example of cowl back dresses:
cowl back dressescowl back dresses
Sophia Tolli Bridesmaid Dress BY11164T

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