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Chapel Veil

What is a chapel veil?

A chapel veil is a longer veil that often coordinates with chapel length trains. It usually measures around two and a half yards (90 inches) in length.

Chapel veils are usually long enough to reach the floor, but are not as long as a cathedral veil. They may be worn with wedding gowns that feature a chapel length train, but they may also be worn with wedding gowns that have a shorter train length, creating a dramatic look without the bulk and weight of additional bridal gown fabric.

Similar to a cathedral veil, chapel veils may also be worn with a shorter veil style, such as a blusher veil. In this case, the veil itself would be at least two layers.

An example of chapel length veils

Chapel length veils 

Erica Koesler Bridal Veils 654-108
Chapel length veils are made out of bridal netting, and can feature many different varieties of embellishments, such as beading, crystals, ribbon, appliqués, and lace. As it is customary for the bride to match the color of her veil to the color of her dress, veils also come in many shades of white, such as ivory, diamond white, crème, eggshell, or ecru.

Although not as heavy as a bridal gown train, chapel veils are still quite long, and may prove to be too unmanageable for some brides. Unlike a bridal gown, a veil can’t be bustled. Many brides who wear chapel veils opt to remove it or replace it with a smaller headpiece after the ceremony.

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