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Candle Lighters

The candle lighters are the people chosen to light the taper candles before the wedding ceremony. During the ceremony, these candles will be used by the bride and groom, to light the unity candle, symbolizing the unity of their marriage, and the act of 2 people becoming 1 union.

Hortense B Hewitt Company Wedding Taper Candles 95060 (shown with Unity Candle), is a cute example of unity candle sets:
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Hortense B Hewitt Company Wedding Taper Candles 95060

The Unity Candle Ceremony

The candles, or candelabras, can be lit before the guests arrive, during the prelude, or during the wedding ceremony.

When the bride and groom choose to incorporate a unity candle into the ceremony, all of the parents (or sometimes, just the mothers of the bride and groom) may light the candles, from which the couple will light their unity candle. Typically, the parents will light the candles immediately before they are seated during the processional.

DON'T FORGET: It is important to "test" light all of the candles, including the unity candle, during the rehearsal, or at some time prior to the actual wedding ceremony. Test lighting is done to ensure the candles will remain lit throughout the ceremony, and because candles are almost always difficult to light, the first time the wick is used. Often, this simple step of candle lighting is overlooked in the wedding planning.

It is also important to decide who will light the candles, when they will be lit, and how they will be lit. Also, the bride should determine if the church will provide a candle lighter and snuffer, or if these items will need to be purchased or rented.

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