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Bubble Shaped Veil

A bubble veil is usually made out of illusion tulle. The "bubble" shape is achieved by folding a layer of tulle and attaching the two ends together at the top, usually with a comb or clip.

Examples of a bubble veil

Bubble veil V-1337 by Erica Koesler 
Erica Koesler V-1337 (left) and Sarah Gabriel Veronica veil (right). 
Bubble veils can be either a single or double layer of tulle. Two layers result in what's called a "double bubble," which has slightly more volume than a single layer. They can also come in different lengths, with longer lengths being less "poofy" than shorter ones.
Due to its dramatic nature, the bubble veil is perfect for an avant-garde bride who is looking for something striking and modern. However, it could also be lovely paired with a traditional or antique-looking dress, creating a fantastic contrast between old and new.

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