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Boning (Corset Boning)

What is Corset Boning?

The boning in a corset is what makes a corset a corset, giving it structure, so that it shapes the wearer's body to the desired look. This boning is usually made up of a rigid piece of steel, nylon, or plastic that is inserted vertically into the special seams inside a corset (these vertical seams are specifically made to encase the boning).

Typically, there are at least two pieces of boning in a corset, one on either side of the navel; but more often, there will be at least four lines of boning, with some corsets (especially a more traditional corset) containing boning along the back, as well as the torso.

Bridal Gown 4202, from the Saison Blanche Couture Collection provides a stunning example of corset boning:
corset boning
Saison Blanche Couture: Style 4202

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