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Boat Neck

What's a Boat Neck?

A boat neck wedding dress features a neckline that runs almost perfectly straight across the collarbone, from shoulder to shoulder. (Also know as the Bateau neckline, which is French for boat.)

The design of a "true" boat neck displays the same depth in front and back, however many dresses with the design elements of the boat neck in the front, will have a much deeper cut in the back, providing added visual interest.

The boat neck is quite similar to the Sabrina neckline, but is straight across, while the Sabrina is slightly curved in front and back.

The Boat Neck Wedding Dress
The front of Bridal Gown Pronovias Icaro is a great example of a boat neck wedding dress:
Pronovias Icaro
Bridal Gown Pronovias Icaro

Benefits of the Boat Neck:

  • A boat neck wedding dress is very flattering on small frames
  • A boat neck wedding dress has a very classic look (think Old Hollywood glamour)
  • A boat neck wedding dress provides full coverage to the collarbone, making it a modest, yet chic style

Things to Consider:

  • The bateau neckline is not the most flattering style for those with a large bust
  • The bateau neckline may not be the most flattering style for full-figured brides, as it will generally serve to widen the frame.

The Sabrina Neckline
(For more information on this style, see: Sabrina Neckline)

The Sabrina neckline is quite similar to the boat neck, but features a slightly deeper curve (the boat neck is only slightly rounded).

Casablanca 2004 Bridal Gown provides a perfect example of the Sabrina neckline:
Casablanca 2004Casablanca 2004
Casablanca 2004 Bridal Gown

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