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Battenberg Lace (Battenburg Lace)

Battenberg Lace is a large cutout needle lace pattern of delicate floral or geometric designs. Also known as Renaissance Lace and Mezzo Punto.

History of Battenburg Lace. 

Battenburg lace is a form of renaissance lace originating in the 16th century during Queen Victoria's reign of England. It was named after her son, the Duke of Battenburg, because it was customary at that time for every English duke to have a lace pattern named after him.
During the 1930s and 1940s, making Battenburg lace became a favorite American hobby, due to the readily available machine tapes used to create the lace. It usually is accompanied by a satin background trimmed with sequins, beads, and linen tape to create a clean scalloped edge.

Shopping for Battenburg Lace.

You may recognize the style of Battenburg lace in a lot of vintage or retro dresses because of its ability to be handmade. Each design is a little different as each maker has a different stylistic design. That being said, no matter what type of lace design or feel you are looking for, Battenburg lace could be exactly what you need. 

When it comes time to shop for a Battenburg lace dress, be patient and find examples online or in historical pictures. Finding good examples and doing your research might make all the difference when it comes to finding your dream dress. The perfect Battenburg lace dress might be a little difficult to find but will be absolutely stunning on your big day.  

 A great example of a Battenburg lace dress is this Jacquelin Bridal Gown 19911

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