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Basque Waistline

Bridal Fashion Dictionary: Waistlines - The Basque Waist: Basque Definition

What is a Basque Waistline ?

A basque waist is a waistline style that crosses the body below the natural waistline, and dips in the center, forming a v-shape. (See also: Antebellum Waistline)

Casablanca Bridal Gown Style: Casablanca 2012 is the perfect example of a basque waist wedding gown:
Casablanca 2012Basque Waist Wedding Gown
Casablanca Bridal Gown Style: Casablanca 2012

More About the Basque Waist

A basque is a fitted bodice or jacket, which the French origin refers to as a type of bodice or jacket. In modern usage it is a long corset, characterized by a close, contoured fit and extending past the waistline over the hips. In Victorian fashion, the basque was a fitted bodice or jacket extending past the waistline over the hips, which was worn over a hoopskirt (earlier Victorian era) or a bustle (later Victorian era). This piece of women's apparel adopted its name Basque traditional dress, initially by the French and subsequently throughout Western fashion.


A basque bodice when considered as a dress component to be worn with a specific skirt has also been referred to as a "corset waist" due to its close fit. A basque waistline provides one of the most flattering waistlines for a multitude of body shapes. The low waistline reduces the width of the waist and hips while lengthening the torso, which creates a more slender and tall silhouette. However, the low waistline does bring attention to the lower belly, therefore it does not work for every woman. Two stunning exampes of designer wedding dresses utilizing a basque waistline are the Alfred Angelo Bridal Gown 1846 and Sophi Tolli bridal gown Michelle (Y1907).
In 20th century and contemporary attire, the term is used to refer to certain articles of lingerie, particularly a type of corset known as torsolette, a torso-hugging camisole that resembles a corset. This garment typically features a decorative front or back lace-up detail with delicate construction and offering little or no figure-molding compression.

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