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Ballet Veil

What is a ballet veil?

A ballet veil is a tier of veiling that is from 54-56 inches in length. Ballet length veils are sometimes referred to as princess or waltz length.
Ballet length veils typically fall to somewhere between the bride's knees and calves. A ballet veil can be single- or double-tiered, with or without a blusher.
Ballet length veils come with a range of embellishments, from small crystals scattered throughout, to full lace edging, to no embellishments at all. This will depend entirely on the bride's preference and the style of her bridal gown. 

Examples of ballet length veils 

Ballet length veils Erica Koesler 755-60 Ballet length veils Erica Koesler 745-60
Eric Koesler 755-60 (left) and Erica Koesler 745-60 (right). 
Where the ballet veil is worn on the head will affect where it ends on the bride's body, so if it is worn on top of the head, it will fall closer to the bride's knees than her calves. This veil is an excellent match for fitted, mermaid, or fit and flare style bridal gowns with little to no train, as they do not compete with the dress.
Ballet length veils are flattering on brides of many heights. Their mid-length, while less dramatic than longer styles, won't overpower a petite bride like longer lengths might. Similarly, ballet veils will provide just enough visual interest on a taller bride to allow her gown to take center stage.
Not sure if a ballet veil is right for you? Read more about different types of bridal veils in our wedding encyclopedia for more ideas.

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