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A piece of decorative fabric design or lace cutout applied to another fabric such as a dress, veil or shoes.

How is Applique made? 

Appliqué is a French word meaning "that has been applied." In the context of sewing, appliqué designs refers to a needlework technique in which two pieces are sewn together to create a decorative effect. It can be fabric, embroidery, or another material which is sewn onto another piece of fabric to produce designs, patterns or pictures. A number of vintage wedding dresses feature appliqué fabric, specifically those inspired by the 1920s. Not only were the appliqué designs applied to these vintage wedding dresses, but they were also applied to a bride's cap veil.

Where is Applique used?

Presently, appliqué fabric is a popular design feature on designer wedding dresses and bridal party dresses. As mentioned before, appliqués are essentially one piece of fabric sewn onto another piece of fabric. Two Allure designer wedding dresses which feature appliqué designs are the Allure bridal gown C160 and the Allure bridal gown 8751. The Allure bridal gown C160 uses multidimensional lace floral appliqués on the entire a-line bridal gown, which creates a couture appearance. 
Whereas, the Allure bridal gown 8751 uses more traditional lace appliqué designs throughout the entire fit and flare gown. The appliqué fabric provides visual interest on a classic silhouette. 
Appliqués are not only for bridal gowns though, bridal party dresses use the technique as well. For example the Jim Hjelm bridesmaid dress JH5940 and Eden flower girl dress 12276 illustrate different ways appliqué fabric is used to embellish dresses.

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